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Australia plainpackage provisions cigarette packaging and printing design
It is reported, Australia plainpackage law, cigarette packing positive must bear the prescribed image content, including rotten teeth, one died of cancer of bone and so on, image area should account for three-quarters of the cigarette packing positive. Aspen mond said. "we just launched four different shape packing box five kind of new design, the packing box in China before the Spring Festival goods."
Beijing time on November 28, afternoon, Australia's high court this year leveling the country's government tobacco industry plainpackage stumbling block for the smooth implementation law paving the road. The move is considered as the global tobacco industry nearly 40 years experience the biggest frustration. But for Sydney packaging enterprise BPMInnovations speaking, Australia's high court the move is not disaster but the Gospel.
The company general manager dean - aspen mond (DeanOsmond) said, "since we in September this year since the introduction of new packing box, sales volume has reached 24000, now there is another 20000 packing box in from China to Australia's air on the way, these packing box will before Christmas is sold out."
BPMInnovations companies sell the packing box of the retail price of about 4 dollars (us $4.12), but these packing box caused the people to the Australian plainpackage law enforcement effect question, at present the Norway, New Zealand, South Africa and the European Union are paying close attention to the implementation of the law plainpackage situation. Aspen mond said, since BPMInnovations packing company in October in appeared in Australia since the shop, the market demand "very hot". According to the regulation of law of plainpackage Australia, from this week, the country's Saturday start any a retailers sell "old" cigarette packing, will face fines of $1.1 million at most. It is reported, plainpackage law is the Australian government to reduce smoking is one of the measures taken.
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