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Multiple environmental protection measures to boost the printing enterprise is more and more green
At present, people from printing mode turn to digital debate focus is one of the traditional printed matter such as manuals, etc in the "green environmental protection" lags behind E-mail and other network products. Fortunately, the United States in the green environmental protection industry has made remarkable achievements of the significant, help printing become all over the world the most green one of the industry. From the use of environmental printing ink to use recycled paper, compared to before have saved a large forest trees resources, the printing industry is becoming more green.
One of the biggest changes is one of the widely used special the authentication paper into the sustainable development of the forest resources of the authentication of the printing paper. The United States has printing enterprise in the green environmental protection set numerous exemplary role, some green environmental protection attestation consumables can help printing enterprise to bring more business opportunities, therefore, the managers of the enterprise need to learn related green innovation product knowledge thus promote together with our customers to the green environmental protection.
The United States sustainable forestry initiative (SFI) the authentication
The sustainable forest development projects or SFI the authentication, this is a urged enterprise on the environment responsibility of forest certification programs. They advocate protection of water resources quality, wildlife and natural environment. At present, more and more American printing enterprise began to use have SFI the authentication of paper, this means that the paper production process with absolute "green" characteristics, do safety logging, afforestation.
Vegetable ink
Many printing enterprise also the green friendly ink, choose based on vegetable ink instead of harmful to the environment of related products. Vegetable ink can effectively prevent mixed ink printing production process ranked in the air harmful gas, for the natural environment bring higher quality air. At the same time, some printing enterprise also avoid the use of certain contains heavy metal pigment printing ink. Of course, the U.S. some green printing enterprise is still in the special fields use metal ink. Even so, a few famous printing enterprise but not this kind of way to propagandize, but lead customers to choose vegetable ink and non-metallic ink, establish the green environmental protection idea.
Recycle paper
Now, more and more prints by again recycling paper production to reduce waste, can be sure that is printing enterprises have begun to participate in recycle project plan, in the production work as far as possible to reduce cutting machine waste and office garbage. Plant type ink also can be very good to recycle, so you need to check the office is the printer can through the appropriate method for ink recovery, make working environment more green.
Printed matter than the digital product more green
Of course, this view has certain limitations, but there are a lot of data that this view.
· printing products than digital more green. Printing every "cut" a tree, then will plant three trees
· digital version reader produce carbon dioxide than traditional printed matter
· a year on average is down, everyone USES a computer energy consumed by the use of paper materials is 2.5 times.
· in the United States, 60% of the printing paper products adopt biological fuel resources
· used in digital equipment materials are harmful to the environment, and most paper production process using non-toxic materials
In fact, about printing is harmful to the environment debate has pale. However, this does not mean that in everyday life we use prints are green. Finally, we must education their citizens, at any time for natural resources for inspection to see whether the United States printing enterprise real do green environmental protection.
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