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The development of printing industry in 2014 is expected to usher in turning point and breakthrough
Printing is coming in succession: at the beginning of the New Year, some enterprise bankruptcy, and a decrease in 2013, the year that is the message, the market has the sounds cool.Any an industry, but when the pessimistic mood began to diffuse, hope and opportunity will appear in casual.In 2014, golden group think printing will come is not only the shrinkage and consolidation, more likely is the turning point and breakthrough.Golden group believes that printing has the following four trends in 2014.
Newspaper printing field, by the industry transformation and enterprise integration.As print atrophy, newspaper printing will continue to appear the situation of impressions, layout of double down.The equipment to use function of oneness, there will be quite a number of newspaper printing plant losses and unsustainable.For out of the woods, there will be a group of newspaper YinChang will try in other than business newspaper printing printing projects, to mixed operation move markets.If some of the central city newspaper print runs down too fast, there will be press YinChang merger integration, namely two or several YinChang business gathered in a YinChang, solve various YinChang serious overcapacity situation.The allocation of resources can make some newspaper printing is not the state of the economy.
The main digital printing to the big group and the development of national enterprises.In 2013, there are many big printing enterprise began aggressively into the field of digital printing, some hope through digital printing to solve the problem of enterprise development, also some hope that through the digital printing make the Internet platform to promote national development.As a result of rapid ascension of commercial real estate rental, combined with the artificial cost is high, in 2013, a large number of digital quick printing shop all suffered operating difficulties.Digital printing no Internet cooperate, no design support in the past, that their style of extensive management has come to an end.Large printing companies in 2014 with its own technological advantage, brand advantage and dominant equipment advantage, promote digital printing of barriers to entry.
Printing enterprises to create the Internet, will be more than printing equipment to the requirement of software.2014 printing industry overcapacity will make more expansion of printing companies to give up on the printing equipment, more enterprises will be into printing process software, and related digital asset management software development use.More and more printing enterprise will be to provide Internet application solutions as the development direction.After all, in the Internet age, the printing enterprise for the future of the Internet under the forms of industrial preparation is relatively lagging, and potential.Printing at the same time the Internet platform to build after years of exploration, will start as well as other industries transferred from the PC terminal to mobile terminal.The change of the terminal may be printed real towards the beginning of individuation and diversification.
Creative services will be some new printing enterprise's main means of competition.Due to the printing industry downturn, many printing companies will also be at a low price as a means of competition.In the face of such situation, some more service consciousness and the ability to design printing enterprises will adopt a differentiation competitive strategy, on the one hand, outstanding creative advantage, to provide customers with high value-added products, on the other hand, this kind of printing enterprise will tailor overall solutions for customers.Through to the customer in each step of printing science series, reduce customer printing inputs to obtain higher profits.Printing enterprise development to this level, can be achieved to replace processing services, to create value.
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