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Beauty on imported paper and paper packaging new assessment measures
The United States department of agriculture agricultural market services for paper and paper packaging to conclude the rules of propaganda, research and information, the new plan is similar to cotton, honey, mushrooms, peanuts, blueberries, raspberries, popcorn, dairy products and cork products such as the current agricultural marketing plan.According to the 1996 the goods promotion, research and information act, the agricultural marketing plan aims to strengthen the status of agricultural commodities in the market, to maintain and expand agricultural commodity market and the usage of these goods, new USES for agricultural commodities research, and/or assist producers to achieve conservation targets.
As fewer office paper, digital communication in competition, and other materials from 2000 to 2010, paper and paper packaging market size shrank by 15%.As a result, the new rules to the revitalization of the local paper and paper packaging market.From 2006 to 2006, the United States according to the size of office paper cutting, and other printing and writing paper market fell by 20% and 27% respectively.From 2000 to 2010, kraft paper, cardboard and carton board paper market shrank by 23%, 23% and 10%, respectively.
Authorities will contribute to the paper and paper packaging manufacturers and importers to implement new assessment system, the tax will provide financial support for the new plan, and are appointed by the minister of agriculture committee of industry management.Original evaluation rate is $0.35 per ton (us $0.0386) per kilogram, each promoting annual import or production of less than 100000 tons of paper and paper packaging, and organic paper and paper packaging enterprises will be exempted from tax.Local producers must apply for exemption from at the beginning of the fiscal year before, then must apply for once a year.As for importers, if every year to import less than 100000 tons of paper and paper packaging, and will automatically receive exemptions in the fiscal year.Companies in the previous import 100000 tons of regulated products, but trust and can in this year's imports will be less than 100000 tons, can also apply to the commission for the exemption certificate.
This plan is applicable to the following paper and paper packaging:
* a coating or without coating printing paper, writing paper and related paper, including thermal paper, but does not include non-carbon carbon paper.The papers will eventually used for printing, writing and other communication purposes, such as folders, envelopes, catalogs, magazines and brochures.
* rough unbleached, half bleaching or completely bleached kraft paper packaging, finally used in the manufacture of grocery bags, multi-layer bag, wax paper and other products.
* used in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard, corrugated board paper cargo containers and related products.
* solid bleached kraft paper board, regeneration board and unbleached kraft paper board such as cardboard, eventually for a variety of end USES, such as folding box, food and beverage packaging, pipe, tank and drum, and other miscellaneous products (cardboard does not include the construction related products, such as gypsum board facing and panel)
* paper, newsprint and processing of paper not included in the plan.
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