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The development of new technology of printing effect

The development of new technology of printing effect
Printed in the sui dynasty first appeared in jianyang printing, mainly in the SongChaoJin, have improved, appeared 1041 simplify the printing type printing operations. Then spread to Europe, in 1445 germans Gutenberg put mud made movable type, thus improve lead to create the first printing machine, announced the arrival of the era of modern printing.

Since founding in China up and start developing and printing industry. After 60 years of development, China's printing industry achieved across from scratch. Beijing people's machinery factory in the 1950s successful produce China marked the first printing machine, modern melt too open China's printing industry. Until today, printing industry already has undergone earth-shaking changes. Especially after the 2008 global financial crisis, China's printing industry also passed a baptism. Until 2011 China "DiShiErWu" open, formally announced the Chinese copy culture industry takeoff.

Today, new technology has full of whole industries, modern printing compared with the past, has produced a significant change. The traditional printing mode and the mode of modern people can't meet the requirements for printed matter. Printing in thinking changed, printing more in thinking changed. New technology always brings new markets, from the first time the industrial revolution we can see the influence of technology of production mode. Now, in thinking of printing has changed with new technology, so the combination will be the future development of a new printing. People think change is printing fields.

Inkjet printing technology,

Ink-jet printing early in 1878, but had appeared as technology limited until 1967 just had inkjet printer, but then the emergence of the inkjet printing machine mainly with small printer is given priority to, still no large-scale inkjet printer. Under the previous drew ba exhibitions, productive inkjet printer will be officially come.

Copenhagen climate conference held after, low carbon, green and environmental protection became the world economy in the three big mountains overhead suspension. Printing industry also faces three aspects of the test. Plus printing industry market shrink, network, occupied the rise of periodicals printing market, make part of the now-defunct printed wages have been falling, the advent of the printing industry has intensified tight.

The traditional printing mode, from previous plate-making to post-press processing, expend cycle is long, its production costs are also great. So the traditional printing mode in the face of short printing, ragged. Printing enterprise will not receive these short version of live, the reason is very simple, printing revenue also can't hit the cost of production. Besides some personalized prints demand. So, need to find can meet this kind of market printing mode became development of a goal. While inkjet printing production also solve the crisis. Ink-jet printing realized variable printing, always control so save plate-making process, need cost is greatly reduced.

At the same time, along with the maturity of ink-jet technology inkjet printer, instead of traditional calls for increasing the offset. Because the traditional offset plate making cost is big, need large Numbers of printing can ensure that enterprise cost. Also cannot achieve variable printing, printing process caused great difference can waste and pollution, so for a period of time the call was inkjet instead of offset higher and higher. Although, the modern traditional printing still accounts for the mainstream, but someone prediction in the next 10 years, inkjet printing are gradually replace traditional printing, become mainstream printing mode.

As the current inkjet printer ink printing concerned, affect the development of the biggest obstacles or the influence of printer speed. Although kodak prosper1000 has reached every minute 20 meters of printing speed, but compared to traditional offset printing speed and stability do still have a large gap; Second is the influence of ink-jet head. High-speed mode for the first require very high inkjet printer ink, and in use process, inkjet head is the most easily broken parts, and ordinary inkjet 10 thousand, so head maintenance costs quite expensive; The influence of three is ink.

China inkjet printer relatively backward, at present only a few other businesses have founder, so the corresponding strength will not start. Supplies The domestic market ink are mostly imported abroad, and some foreign brand inkjet printer don't support compatible ink, makes the ink printing costs soaring spray.
But inkjet printing as future one direction, will bring the attention by enterprises. Especially in the Internet age, the individualized product demand more and more situation, ink-jet printing will have broad market future.

Second, network printing

It talked about ink-jet technology, it would have to say to network printing. Network printing, derived from abroad in recent years don't the introduction into China. LongYing nets also became the first try water network printing enterprises. Network printing, also is the Web - to - locate 14, 20: Print, is the enterprise network receiving order on a new printing mode. The main business objects network printing by personalized needs of customers. This kind of customer demand for the characteristics of small, request cycle is short. So this kind of business general traditional printing enterprise is not receiving order, printing income insufficient still costs. And network printing, because its variability thus well fulfills the requirements of customers.

The main conditions forming network printing include service front entrance, is a business on the website for the Lord; Network monitor physique, to guarantee that the network can timely receiving orders above the feedback; Printing terminal, from the network monitoring of the order for the production. Network printing of terminals, still with digital printers is given priority to, the general offset press haven't become network printing of terminal. Although modern enterprise through some technology (CIP3) can realize the routing, but the offset printing variability is restricted by the poor still offset printing terminal obstacles to online. So right now, digital printing machine is still network printing the main terminal equipment.

Three, cloud computing

Cloud computing has swept over the whole the IT industry. From our side can see the influence of cloud computing. Took it, a new version of the software tencent QQ software joined the cloud patterns that can more personal hobbies increase QQ applications. This advantage makes software more human, and also reduce unnecessary burden.

And for printing speaking, computing clouds or quite strange, but will affect the development of the printing mode. For example, "carpooling race". Have a bunch of office worker with no car to work convenient, several people were gathered together the common use a car, such benefits: convenient and save resources, reduce the cost. And network printing will also and "carpooling with countries, like family" cloud computing and save resources and reduce the cost. The current network printing exist certain bottlenecks, because itself the cause and technology of Internet speeds of control, common personalized website are fixed several board piece, to supply the needs of our customers. So although convenient enterprise print production, but for consumers personalized it cannot be called a real individuation, then is very expensive. So it also restricts the development of network printing. But if the network printing realize cloud calculative mode, the integration of a list of servers and resources and provide some column for consumer choice of modules, and reduce the cost, the province have strengthened the personalized requirements of customers.

This year, the israelis are officially launched its founder than the core technology as the foundation, facing the publishers and distributors launched online digital publishing comprehensive service platform - "the publishing service platform" than the clouds. This is our country printing to take the first step toward cloud computing.

Four, e-commerce

Along with the development of the network, e-commerce has become the printing enterprise a new marketing mode. Led by hc360, alibaba business platform, make printing enterprise market more evolved over time.

The emergence of electronic business, not only solved the printing enterprise some order to the problem, the more business printing enterprise brought printing, including outside of the value of the resource, brand, etc.

So the author put a new technique of electronic commercial track midst. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized enterprises for e-commerce realize the existing e-commerce is error, think the Internet to find some business. In fact it is a very small e-commerce, e-commerce actually the role of actor more roles.
First of all, the emergence of e-commerce reduces the influence of regional to printing enterprises. Through the electronic commerce, printing enterprise can receive more large-scale business list the business scope of the enterprise, throughout the world to expand can still and a corner.

Moreover e-commerce shaped enterprise brand. China's printing enterprise can output of over one hundred million is not much, be called brand are much rarer. Flexor index, but strength jia, li &fung accor processing enterprises. The reason is not a true lies in printing enterprise unfold own strength the platform, shaping their own brand. Therefore, professional electronic platform, is made by printing enterprise an important opportunity brand.

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