The development of China's silk screen printing ink in the world advanced level
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The development of China's silk screen printing ink in the world advanced level
As China's printing industry and promote and development, China has gradually from the backward PCB ink producers into PCB gross output value of the world's second largest list, of course, Chinese silk screen printing ink development also occupies the world advanced level.
Screen printing ink belongs to a kind of printing ink, screen printing ink to distinguish the types of the method is very much, can according to the characteristics of the ink, drying way, printing materials, printing ink on state is divided into many types. Like UV drying ink (UV ink), quick-setting ink, from dry ink, low temperature thermal ink, ink and other high temperature.
Some color screen printing ink is through the drying to dry, light color after drying than not dry more shallow, dark after drying slants deep. In addition, the ink is tonal when printed before and after dry dry any difference, it is easy to ignore the problem. Generally speaking, through the natural drying (solvent volatilization type ink), printing content is plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc, the color will not change; But if ceramic with pigment, because in the burning oxidation before color, only by experience to colour. For through the thermosetting, light solid to dry screen printing ink, color depth in the change, has mentioned above. Large amount of ink, can use ink machine, can be finished in a short time palette.
At the same time remind everybody screen printing ink should be stored in a cool and dry place, opened cans if UV ink, must be placed in the refrigerator, and avoid light irradiation, and at the same time, the user should pay attention to the quality guarantee period of the ink, of course, different brand different series ink not mixing.
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