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Mexico a small mill adhere to the traditional manual system book eighteen years
In Mexico, the second largest city of guadalajara a named Tito, in small mill. It was born in 1994, is a pure hand-made book small press, now had already passed eighteen years.
Into this small workshop, see a computer, also found a laser printer, only a old type printing machine and some activities of the font there creak, thick paper ink taste let small mill is filled with fragrant elegant flavor, air to bask in molding field "handicraft" and brush. In the modern printing house had vanished.
Rafa benitez el · d and gus is a man of fifty years rich experience of craftsmen. He is full of enthusiasm, heroism, 5 square meters in the small room of the cover design, printed text, suture paste, packaging signature. Every procedure is pure manual carefully complete. This makes the each work is exquisite packaging, high quality, has attracted many artists and collectors in great demand.
This press release books per year on average about 400 books. These printed on Numbers of books generally are scheduled in advance, or by the national culture and art committee after the purchase in the annual guadalajara on display at the international book fair. It is reported, they will take part in February 2013 in California at the handicraft book fair, step by step to explore.
Rafa benitez el says, his wish is to save Mexico this will be lost of traditional technology, and let these works of art can and British and American rival, because in the two countries, hand-made book capacity is much good quality. To his joy, his daughter georgina under his influence also fell in love with the workshop, every day after work will come to help. He decided to put this in the 19th century skills teach old daughter.
Mexico name poet and the universe newspaper writer David black get's tower praise way: "these books design novel, the printed, combined with superb skill and perfect artistic feeling, only here to do it!"
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