Britain plans to introduce plastic money notes or will be retired
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Britain plans to introduce plastic money notes or will be retired
British "daily mail" reported on the 17th, the British are going to introduce plastic money, three years circulation, instead of using the bill for more than 300 years.
The bank of England announced a 1 billion pounds ($1.6 billion) foreign project subject to tender, begin from 2015 to the Essex county printers print money. The project requirements from at the beginning of the contract to deal with money from paper to plastic material change. This is the bank of England is put forward for the first time introduced plastic money schedule.
Compared with paper, plastic money advantage obviously. First of all, plastic money more durable. Australia $5 as an example, plastic money can adhere to the forty months, and notes can only use 6 months. Secondly, plastic money adsorption bacteria less, more health, Not easy to tear or crease, be purchased at the more convenient use; Have waterproof performance, even if be washing machine "overrun" also it doesn't matter. Plastic money usually contains "light change image", in different intensity of illumination and visual Angle produces different colors, and very difficult to counterfeit. Plastic money can also contain hologram. In addition, plastic money can be reused, so more environmental protection.
The daily mail that the bank of England may firstly denomination 5 plastic money, this kind of low denomination money use frequency is high, wide circulation, easy to damage.
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