The brief analysis of current situation of the development of American print media
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The brief analysis of current situation of the development of American print media

The pew research center's outstanding news research project this month issued the "media" in 2013, Rick from potter for research institute edmunds (Rick Edmonds), the pew research center's Emily gus gold, Amy Mitchell (Amy Mitchell) and marc Zhu Kewei, Mark Jurkowitz) has carried on the analysis to the current situation and future of the newspaper industry.
If for the newspaper industry in 2013 with a theme music, maybe can use "already depressed for too long, seems to have the no sweet without sweat", this song from the 1920 s, has been repeatedly against the blues songs.
Since 2007, when the economic downturn began, newspaper agencies have little reason for optimism for the first time:
1, each big newspaper companies have begun to try a variety of new sources of revenue, and try to make some changes from the organization's main body. Some is worth looking forward to opportunities have appeared, for example, to provide socialized marketing services to local businesses, but this is a new industry, the development of new of the scope of the industry is expected. But these phenomenon means the emergence of the stable source of income.
2, digital payment plan has been accepted by 1380, 450 in the journal, and they like the New York times newspaper not only include the famous newspaper enjoys a large share of the market, as well as some small, even tiny newspaper. With synchronous growth of the circulation and the newspaper price, the issue of digital pay wall income keep better progressly. Plus other new sources of revenue, the issue of the new income will be used to rebalancing investment mode, because in the past quite a long time, the newspaper industry's investment rely too much on advertising revenue.
3, in a less than in 2000, on the basis of publicly listed newspaper companies found that their stock price rise in 2012, there are several growth rate reached 30% or more.
4, although the newspaper sales price is relatively cheap, but the newspaper still can find from the market to the buyer. It is worth noting that most influential investor warren buffett (WarrenBuffett) owned by Berkshire hathaway (BerkshireHathaway) company, in early 2013, buying the buffett Omaha home many newspapers, including the media conglomerate (MediaGeneral) of all 63 daily newspapers and weekly (except Tampa BBS newspaper weekly with it), there are also some other newspapers. Mr. Buffett and other investors have decided that newspapers still profitable, especially in some small and medium newspapers, at least can let these institutions remain profitable.
5, even if the current overall situation of economic recovery stalled, but it is no influence for the newspaper industry. Since the recession, the newspaper industry during 2007-2010 by the traditional newspaper industry to the transfer of new media, and advertising revenue falling a double blow, but so far the situation has eased. The advertising business of the automobile industry has begun to recover, and in some other markets, in Miami, for example, real estate advertisement industry and also has started to recover.
All these positive phenomenon, however, so far is only a vision, rather than a specific situation. The most basic indicators and no change, the industry now has the size of the is only a little more than half of its heyday. There is still a big risk there is:
1, 2012, in the case of slow recovery of the economy as a whole, the decline in print advertising business 6 years in a row, and drop in a little - it's not industry fell by about $1.5 billion, down 7.3%. National advertising is especially a weakness, it shows that companies are moving their advertising investment to other platforms.
2, digital advertising, accounts for 15% of newspaper advertising revenues, the business changed dramatically in the past two years, but can not make up for the loss caused by print ads in the. (in this part of the ratio for 2012, cost $16 per print ads, digital advertising revenue increased $1.) Even if the overall circulation of growth, but because of the advertising market supply exceeds demand, such as emerging social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so the price of the whole industry market is still falling.
3, although the newspaper has successfully attracted by these groups use mobile devices to read newspaper readers, especially with smartphones that part of the reader, but advertising is not successful to enter this part of the market. Mobile advertising may as disappointing as at the beginning of network advertising, because this part of the growth is concentrated in the shopping and the search application, rather than the advertising part of operating with news.
4, while the vast majority of the newspaper organization can operate in certain based on profitability, but most of the company and hope to have a better time background, allowing them to create greater value, in response to the debt and pension obligations.
5, the newspaper industry continues to shrink the traditional newsroom staff Numbers, a small increase at the same time the composition of the digital department. A few newspapers have newspaper publication periods down to 3 times a week.
6, the newspaper industry weakness a landmark sign is that many newspaper organizations to give up the existence can turn out to be a landmark of the city's magnificent headquarters, and then select smaller, cheaper office as office space. And these did not have begun from the left their office buildings to make room for rent.

So, while after entering 2013, the newspaper industry there have been some positive signs, but still difficult to completely unrealistic and difficult economic situation. Newspaper industry in the last year of two of the biggest development is - digital pay wall is introduced, as well as to the print newspaper number of cuts, both strange and typical respectively represents the industry carries on the present situation of expansion and contraction of the synchronization. (Gold Printing Group)
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