Burma's publishing industry is need printing equipment
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Burma's publishing industry is need printing equipment
For the asean countries of emerging printing and advertising market, printing and packaging industry is becoming the void the demand of the market. And yunnan, in recent years due to develop the cultural industry, in terms of printing supplies and advertising equipment industry, has shown advantages to its industry. Yesterday in 2013 in kunming, yunnan province, kunming international convention and exhibition center exhibition hall opened international exhibition of printing supplies, from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, myanmar, Vietnam's national consul general, consul consulate general in kunming all attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
This exhibition gathers the latest packaging machinery, paper supplies, digital printing, special printing and other new products and new technology. Myanmar consular Wu Dengding see exhibition while told reporters, "because Burma is in reform, demand for publication printing industry is great. China's technology is strong, and have price advantage. We will look carefully, every thinking, cooperation projects for myanmar market demand could be found."
In recent years, due to Burma "to ban" let go, and bring forward to talk to the development of relevant industries. In early December, myanmar in Rangoon held international packaging, printing and food exhibition, is published for the country's packaging printing industry into a new market vitality. This year on November 21, will hold 2013 myanmar international plastic rubber, packaging, printing and food exhibition. Wu Dengding says the printing publishing market is full of vitality, is expected to become the new industry and new economic growth point.
In audio and video products and book the booth before the finished product, consul general of Cambodia socor Latin carefully watched, wondering. In his eyes, Cambodia is reviewable equipment printing market. The year before last, yunnan sent delegations to Cambodia to discuss printing cooperation, but when docking with Cambodia market found, even if the introduction of equipment, but boot print quantity is small, the market's support dynamics is insufficient, so will suspend the import equipment. But, in the long run, Cambodia, sooner or later, this technology will be required.
It is reported, the exhibition by yunnan province development and reform commission news bureau, department of commerce of yunnan province, yunnan province, yunnan publishing group co., LTD. From all over the country of printing and packaging machinery, equipment, paper suppliers exhibiting a total of more than 80 units, and amounted to more than 120 booths. (Gold Printing Group)
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