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Saudi Arabia printing market have a good development opportunity
Broke out in 2010 at the end of "Arab spring" movement to the Middle East countries has brought a series of great changes, and with the publishing and advertising in the local recovery, printing to welcome the good development opportunity. In Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as the "Saudi") as an example, the government at the end of last year ordered 1.5 million this religious law prohibited for protests, the pull in virtually the printer sales.
As one of the leading printing group in Saudi Arabia, AlYamamahPressEstablishment technology and printing business manager KhaledSadiq that, along with the expansion of business, the development of the printing industry has become very quickly, he said: "the increase of business prompted some enterprise have to strengthen the printing advertising investment, it is the growth of the Saudi printing laid a foundation. According to the international monetary fund is introduced, the Saudi economy grew by 7.1% in 2011, to $676.7 billion, and is expected to continue to grow 6% this year.
With economic growth and the improvement of people's living standard, in Saudi Arabia, the printing enterprise also began to new equipment for investment, to meet customer demand. KhaledSadiq explained: "we need to introduce a faster printing equipment, because most of customers hope that can with the fastest speed to the finished product, therefore some countries are looking for digital technology help." But so far or offset some of the more popular, especially in printing quantity is big.
In general, today's printing customer need is a high efficient, high-quality printing services. Saudi Arabia now has a lot of high quality printing machine from Japan, but some emerging enterprise also began to other countries of the printing equipment supplier for help.
According to the Saudi international packaging and printing plastic advertising the exhibition organizer, Riyadh exhibition company's report: Saudi Arabia commercial printing market scale has reached 373.3 million us dollars, and local printing enterprise is still in actively to the latest printing equipment and technology for investment. Saudi printing market mainly divided into newspapers, books binding, prepress services and advertising, packaging and other printing services and so on four big areas, in 2011 the four areas of Saudi printing revenue contribution were 26%, 28%, 1% and 45%. Market for new printing solutions for the growth of the demand for equipment suppliers and distributors brought new opportunity, and the latter also increased in Saudi Arabia's marketing and sales efforts. Last year, Saudi printing enterprise quantity increased 3% to 224, of which 45% are small business. And in Saudi Arabia printing total operating income, 65% comes from the number of employees more than fifty people of large-scale printing enterprises, such as salman group and Saudi printing and packaging company, etc. In the 2010-2011), Saudi printing market as a whole grew 5%, realize the economic crisis from the sole rebound.
As Saudi Arabia can be counted on one's fingers of a few big enterprise, one of the Saudi printing and packaging company in 2011 made $9.6 million operating income, more than $2010 in 93.8 billion increased by 2.3%. At the same time, the company's gross margin and operating income than the previous years were increased by 0.8% and 20.8%. In 2012, the company's profits will continue to maintain growth, and in the first quarter of this year made year-on-year growth of 4.8% of the good grades.
According to Riyadh exhibition company introduction, in Saudi Arabia, the private enterprise is very willing to invest in packaging industry, and promote the market demand for printing services. In addition to food manufacturing beyond, the increase of the number of college students and to promote Saudi printing market the main reason for the prosperity.
Although the book binding in Saudi Arabia printing market share of only 28%, but its development prospects are very optimistic. Saudi people love reading, especially novel. Along with the international book fair held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's book binding market will also gain greater growth space. (Gold Printing Group)
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