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The factors affected the global print media were closed
This year, in the United States, France, Germany, Japan and other major developed countries, had a global reputation for the name of the journals and for collapse or strategic to online operations. The reason for this is IT new media and intelligent mobile phone diffusion, the emergence of the free newspaper, such as economic recession led to the readers and advertising revenue reduction.
And The Times, to represent the United States together with 79 years history in the news weekly "newsweek" 24 released on December 31, version of the final phase of paper publication. The weak print advertising sales, $40 million a year of the printing and distribution costs high cost structure, make its can't stick to it. Last year, magazine advertising sales of $140 million and 2007 fewer than 70% the left and right sides.
One of the big three U.S. news magazine of the American news and world report "already in 2008 interrupted printed, daily the Christian science monitor" announced in 2009 to online. Local newspaper the rocky mountain news ", "the Seattle mail tower root book also be in 2009 years later cancelled printed.
And because of the financial crisis in Europe and moved, the printing media cold and cheerless is serious.
The financial times German edition on December 7, closure. The paper introduced in 2000 failed to make a profit, cumulative deficit reached 250 million euros. Belong to the German ten big issue "outlook (FR)" also filed for bankruptcy last week. In 2001, Germany issue of the newspaper for a total of 23.7 million copies, but this year only 1840 copies, decreased by 22.4%.
And the echo newspaper together was France two big economic newspapers of the BBS newspaper also failed to overcome the crisis management, on January 30 interrupted since 1985 issue of the newspaper after paper, only through the online published news. Last December 13, 1941 by resistance people, once established for the biggest evening news "flange line tile newspaper also finished paper publication issue, only online operations.
Japan is known as the "magazine's kingdom", but last year information magazine "Pierre", women magazine "PS" and so on 158 journal publication will resume or closure. Last year Japan magazine market scale is decreased by 6.6% year-on-year, for 984.4 billion yen in 27 years, for the first time the drop to 1 million yen. The size of the market for 14 years appear up reduce trend, last year's reduce the peak amplitude. According to statistics, the Japanese magazine sales since the start of statistics published since 1951 has maintained growth, but reached 1997 yen in 1.5644 trillion, after the culmination of has been in decline.
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