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QR code in the packaging will be widely used
When we talk about QR code, most people will think of QR code in direct mail, name card, electronic ticketing, brochure and other areas of widely used. But, have you ever found that more and more QR code (other two-dimension code) appear in all kinds of packaging? The following data can reflect the trend:
1, one of the world's leading mobile barcode Scanbuy solutions provider, and at the same time, mobile phone two-dimension code scanning software ScanLife developers, based on more than 100 large and small enterprise market survey found that the top three ScanLife software market is: newspapers and magazines, direct mail and product packaging.
2, according to ScanLife software system original data display, use ScanLife software in the application of scanning in the first is the product packaging, followed by network, direct mail, magazines and store all kinds of scanning.
3, official statistics, at present the product packaging is scan rate is 38%, is considered to be the second major was scanning the media, second only to newspapers and magazines.
This trend will lead to what kind of result? Mobile phone shopping! More and more consumers are used to through the mobile Internet looking for more product information, coupons and discount information, they may often just sent boring time (I can from the packing of the products need to get the information you, even if I don't buy the actual product?
2011 mobile phone consumption survey data show that the United States has more than 33.3 million consumers have been accustomed to use their mobile phone related shopping activities. In fact, among them only 7% of consumers are buying need products, other more is in the search for a product is price.
Above all kinds of trend shows that QR code in the application of product packaging, and its increasing popularity.
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