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Japanese industry is still the mainstream of the traditional printing mode
Recently, the Japanese printing technology association released a called "Japan digital printing market status" report, the 2010 Japanese printing enterprise on digital printing business situation to carry on the investigation. The report shows that in the investigation of the printing enterprises, have launched the digital printing business enterprises accounted for more than half, but the enterprise digital printing sales total sales is less than 1 into.
The report shows that, although the participants in the survey of the enterprise has been in more than half of the digital printing business, but for digital printing sales will be more than the traditional printing problems, think it is difficult to predict enterprise 60%, think that in 15 ~ twenty years of enterprise is occupied 6%, think need 10 ~ 15 years of enterprise is occupied 3%, think need 5 ~ 10 years of enterprise is occupied 21%, think need 3 ~ 5 years of enterprise accounted for 10%, no enterprise that sales of digital printing in within 3 (three) years more than the traditional printing. Visible, for quite a long time, the traditional printing will be the mainstream of the printing industry in Japan, it is estimated that this is the trend of the world industry.
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