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Printed newspapers in the rich are still popular
According to the ipsos media research Mendelssohn for American rich 2012 annual survey shows that family income more than us $100000, 82% of the rich group at least read the survey follow-up of 150 kinds of newspapers of a (143 magazines and 7 a national newspaper). This part of the rich and learned American as many as 59 million, the average reading 8.2 house publishers 18.7 kinds of journals. In spite of the impact of digital publications, but since last year, the group for printed newspapers of love only appeared very low amplitude decrease (1.3%). The super rich (earning $250000 and above) than the rich people reading range 25%, usually 10 news organizations of 23.5 a newspaper.
According to Minonline reports, new and old media editor executives may will be more open about printing press the inevitability of the sales volume to drop, However, the trend of the rich in it is a special case, it is still kept alive.
About a quarter (24%) of the rich reading paper version of the national newspapers, actual rose 3.9% to 11.3 million. In this part the crowd to achieve higher income levels, they to printing press reading will be more.
Perhaps the most interesting survey one aspect is in upper class. In fact, this is the most abundant energy portion of the population and 26% of them have tablet PC; And intelligent mobile phone in the rich (55%) of holding rate beyond the similar equipment. Now, most of the mobile index research will be the United States smartphone penetration positioning at around 50%. At the same time, the Internet in high income of readers use rise considerably, By 2011, up 14% to 37.4 hours a week now. Similar digital products completely covered with this part of the crowd. This year, the rich download magazine application for the proportion of the past more than two times, from 2 million up to 4.7 million users.
If anything, ipsos study, immediately in print and digital platform to the wisdom of the high level of consumption. Adopting digital publication does not mean that refused to printed publication, at the same time for printed publication persist also does not mean that the digital publications or device to keep silent.
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