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Printing machine must segments of the market

With all walks of life to short edition color printing to increased demand, color digital printers as traditional printing equipments of powerful added that goes into the various fields. However the different application market have different characteristics, so the demand for printed matter also have the features.
Market segmentation brings differentiation demand
(1) enterprise and digital quick print shop
Enterprise often received short live a printing, printing and live a long version though far from the printing, but usually also can achieve hundreds of copies, and delivery cycle is short, the quality of colour, the color stability, accuracy, the graphic pictures of longitudinal requirement also is stricter. Its customers not only for quality and the requirements of the cycle is high, and for the price is relatively sensitive.
Digital quick print shop business are varied, with unusual personalized printing live a majority, their content material is rich, print content complex and changeable, printing wide diversification. Because of its customers mostly don't understand printing, so the demand is the divergent, idealized, many clients is the fine traditional printed matter for the standard, with very high expectations, to digital quick print shop for high quality, high efficiency, high adaptability, professional services.
The above application fields on the color of the digital printing presses the demand is higher, not only should have very good printing quality and high printing speed, high load can work, and investment cost and first single industry printing costs to low, for text and graphics, image colour performance and accuracy requirements are extremely strict security. In addition, need to be able to offer a variety of printing medium, especially a variety of wide face support.
(2) advertising design industry
Advertising industry often need to output could check sample, and through the sample communication with our clients, to sample for standards, to provide customers with batch set, which requires the wysiwyg, see has the uniformity, can either in every time when output sample are reflected stylist design ideas, and to ensure the final show of faithful printing effects, including color, texture, precision, etc.
So the field on the color digital printers puts forward with good repeatability, approximation of the high demand for traditional printing quality. Because advertising clients of the company often need in different medium for propaganda, this requires color digital printers can support a variety of print media, equipment performance stability. The advertising space in general as full territory wen, need to add edge print, demand has great output equipment level, and not waste. In addition, general advertising design industry printing quantity is big, so control consumables cost is particularly important.
(3) press and the newspaper
Now, along with the network popularization and the means of information such as application, people obtain the knowledge information channels of more and more widely. At the same time, the book printing in a certain extent also drop, on-demand publishing into the people's life, it also makes the press for color digital printers needs more and more. The printing quality, speedy, low cost, is the press for color digital printers mandatory requirements. For the newspaper for, color digital printers also play an important role in the school can be directly used to link manuscript printing to look at a sample, save the piece of program, is to realize fast printing a necessary means.
Professional color management, printing quality high, the printing speed high and printing costs low single is press and newspaper on the color of the main digital printers appeal points.
(4) design institutes, institutions, surveying and mapping of sarft
In computer aided graphic, pushed by design, planning and surveying and mapping in the field of digital and information level increases, printing output increased demand. Many lines and colors for the engineering design, construction, urban planning diagrams and rendering of surveying and mapping of the industry, chart, geological mining map figure, etc, to colour stability, small text and of line of clarity, repeat overprint accuracy, a face and lengthened wide printing, and equipment operation stability and operability etc are put forward higher requirement, and should take the output and the general office file drawing output, lower cost and long service life.
Differentiation demand professional solutions to
Your printing needs??? What??? Your demand is perfectly satisfied?
If you encounter this problem: you want to make hundreds of A3 wide color of three folding manual, the results were told, or abandon cost, spell big printing again after cutting; Either abandon design effect, use digital printers print out the single page to joining together.
Maybe you've been in distress: how to solve the special color printing color unstable problem? How can let small text, line seal like offset printing products like clear and perfect, especially small text, line of overprint?
Have you ever because can't solve thick fabric printing problems, and watched helplessly as the lucrative thick cardboard or pieces of plastic material printing business, from your hand loss.
If you are the designer, is often for sample can't be accurately reflect your thoughts, unable to communicate with customers and accurate upset?
More people the most headaches may be: can afford, use not, original material of high price to make the digital printing try struggling; Equipment performance is not stable, have had to rely on digital printing machine supplier of long-term service, will be their "fate" sustain in another's hands.

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