Printing liner installation skills
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Printing liner installation skills

What choose what kind of liner according to the concrete circumstances, but in the same kind of state, the choice also has the way a the best state. Below to analyze this the best state.
Liner installed, cannot allow the rubber cloth in the below the sliding forward. If after sliding, may be caused by deformation of the imprinting. How can make its not relative sliding? As shown in figure 2.5 shows, with rubber cloth touch pad outside, inside and the roller contacts, so that the two contact surfaces can cause a blockage liner movement of the friction. When the friction is insufficient, pad is possible relative sliding. So for its relative sliding, must create enough friction. As mentioned previously, improve the way of friction have two:
(1) make rubber cloth evenly in close by the surface of the roller, that generate enough force of friction.
(2) the surface in contact with the maximum of the friction coefficient:
A. rubber cloth surface should have as much roughness (in the guarantee the accuracy of the premise);
B. liner surface should have as much roughness;
C. rubber roller tube body surface should have the largest roughness (in the guarantee the accuracy of the premise).
Realization of article 1 of the way is to increase the rubber cloth tensioning force, making it in response to produce larger in the pressure; Article 2 the way to realize the key is the choice of materials. From the actual situation look, rubber cloth and roller materials are certain, especially roller is usually can't replace, rubber cloth for production factory is different, its surface features can have a difference. In the user can choose is liner surface roughness. From the point of view of increase friction coefficient, the more the better liner surface coarse. Such requirements for two reasons:
(1) from the point of view for interface, pad and rubber cloth contact of the friction coefficient than the contact with roller of the friction coefficient, also is the liner relative to the possibility of roller surface sliding big, want to eliminate the possibility that can only be increase friction coefficient.
(2) from the pad internal for, because pad is general by a few cascade in together, also not allow its interface to have relatively sliding. They produce the relative obstacles between the friction of sliding must be greater than the external two contact surfaces (and rubber cloth, and roller body) generated friction. So the liner surface coarse, the relative sliding of the population is small, the pad layer is less, the possibility of sliding is smaller.
To sum up choose the pad principle is:
(1) coefficient of friction as far as possible big, as far as possible namely surface coarse;
(2) the pad layer as little as possible;
(3) liner surface should as far as possible is flat and level.
The last point is printing process required, or the transfer of molecularly imprinted be affected. From this principle below, the author analyzes the three pad the selection methods of:
Soft liner: soft liner generally choose NeZi cloth, so the surface of the friction coefficient is absolutely guaranteed. When pressure is insufficient, add a few paper can be adjusted in general, the layer is not much.
Neutral pad: neutral liner generally choose rubber cloth and paper constitute a tape of the surface friction coefficient or larger. The key problem is the choice of the paper. Printing factory generally with the paper have: paper, newspapers, the glazed printing paper, cardboard and kraft paper, etc. Because of its small card flexible, difficult to use. Paper surface is smooth, so also should not be used in a list. Alternative is the glazed printing paper, newspapers and kraft paper, etc. The three kinds of paper surface can produce larger friction coefficient, but from layer at least's point of view, choose kraft paper slightly better. No matter choose which kind of paper, the article 3 above principles must be absolutely sure.
The pad installation method is usually put it in the surface of the cylinder, so that it is flat and level even contact can, some equipment with the device with pad, this device for the pad offer a convenient installation. If the rubber cloth pack enough tight, can cause paper in forward or to the jury plait.

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