No water printing process flow
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No water printing process flow

There is no water the work principle of printing Toray Toray system without water printing system consists of three parts: no watermark version, special configuration of have no water printing ink and with a temperature control system of the printing equipment. Toray no watermark version of the structure is multilayer the overlying model, the bottom for aluminum version, in its top coating in a layer of photosensitive polymerization material, this is the layer, the top layer to 2 microns of silicone rubber layer after. According to the type of Toray no watermark version is different, its resistance to print rate from 150000 to 600000 transfer, this data is common bond paper for example. If the surface of the paper is coarser, bear the seal rate can be a certain degree of decline. Toray no watermark edition is recyclable, and traditional recycling PS version. Toray plate is very suitable for all kinds of sheet of paper and offset printing machines rotation.
This plate exposure can also use traditional suction vacuum sun version machine and the light source, and exposure time also and the traditional plate exposure time mutually about. Exposure, through the film on the size of the density of UV light quantity control, so that the light penetrates silicon resin layer to illuminate the middle of the light on the polymer layers. In the light of the polymer layers light reactions very precise, the resolution of the plate is very high, can reach 175 line/inches, the points of the range is 0.5% to 99.5%. This illustration shows the traditional wet plate and no watermark version of the imaging mechanism. After exposure to the printing plate for development, the development process is very simple. No watermark version of the development of the development of the equipment and the traditional equipment is different, it used special chemical reagent and deal with mechanical structure of the plate. Treatment of plate and for spending in the area of silicone resin layer ink, in graphic area, silicon resin layer has been removed, and the rest of the ink QinFu light polymer materials. In the design of the time will plate designed to selectively adsorption and rejection printing ink, need not use any water and alcohol. No water ink and traditional ink the main difference is between the use of resin and connection of different materials. No water printing ink connection material is based on the rheological properties of its choice, it than traditional ink the links to material viscosity of some high. There is no water the principle of printing plate is not the silicon resin layer and have lower surface can, if ink is higher viscosity, then it is itself molecular attraction power to be higher than the power of affinity with silicone resin, so that the material has strong rejection of ink. The main factors of influence viscosity for temperature, because there is no water in the printing process without water participation, and therefore lose plate surface temperature of cooling of the material.

As friction, the printing plate cylinder surface temperature will continue to rise. At the same time because there is no water ink sticky higher, in the process of grinding drum ink can also cause the temperature of the roller surface. This is why there is no water in the printing equipment needed to temperature precise control of reason. The most popular system USES vibration refrigeration technology, in the process of refrigeration, printing ink wheel of vibration cooling roller in the hollow out coolant. This structure in high speed cycle has been used for many years on the offset printing machine. Now to it after the improvement, also began to use in sheet of paper printing equipment. Almost all of the sheet of paper printing machine manufacturers provide hollow ink vibration roller, temperature in control. This illustration shows the printer typical without water temperature control system. The number of ink vibration roller is different, the effect of temperature control is different also. The function of the temperature control system is through the track of the platen movement is frozen agent circulation, remove from the printing unit the heat generated by the mechanical motion. Thing to note is the type of system and not for cooling (or refrigeration) ink roll and design, and it is only in order to maintain the normal operation of the printer when inherent normal temperature. It is only by keeping the temperature of the fixed, printing ink viscosity can be best to maintain the state. There is no water below the temperature control system of printing best temperature tasks window. There is no water proofing directly by the printing can be finished film. Note that not all of the simulation system can reproduce without water printing dot enlargement of the low rate.

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