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Printing industry how to innovate

In digital media, under the propulsion of printing technology industry faces in the era of reform, the traditional labour-intensive and technical experience in printing industry, has been simple computer operation change, automation and practitioners from past labor blue-collar workers into technology the white-collar class. In recent years, the investment of a large number of professional and technical personnel, makes printing technology and equipment research and development of a major breakthrough, but technology also result in cost reduction, grab the market share, a large number of dumping and other issues, make the traditional printing industry into a vicious cycle of price wars.
Face printing market of low price competition nowadays, printing industry reform should cooperate with digital media era, with innovation to create new market demand, by differentiation in order to get higher interest, cooperation with interdisciplinary strategy alliance, a grand blueprint for the printing industry.
A, Create demand (Create Needs) :
First, must establish the concept of "create demand". Understand the requirements, to create services, to expand the market. For example, in the face of global environmental protection consciousness ascend, environmental protection has become a trend nowadays, printing technology industry also need to deal with environmental protection demand and reform, therefore, the green environmental protection material printing, the new requirements such as the carbon footprint and service also. These due to the demand of the market of new products and services also provide higher profits.
In addition, digital media, the cloud technology and the network popularization, the past consumer habits change, drive new business models and service needs. Consumer desire for multiple pipeline service mode, so the printing industry also from B2C, B2B and C2C to create a business model to meet customer demand, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) such as multiple publication, the cloud printing (W2P), personalized printing, printing, etc. The cross media service expanding areas of the printing business, satisfy the customer demand, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise ontology, become the trend of printing industry.
Second, Create a difference (Create Differences) :
Personalized and value-added products, customers are willing to pay a higher price to buy, and the traditional market of product differentiation competitive advantage. Especially in the era of digital printing, the printing technology industry should be interdisciplinary collaboration and integration, and the differences of developing products, such as decoration materials, furniture, 3 c product, fine art reproduction such as unit price products, further application of values, increase the unit price and create profits. In short, through interdisciplinary cooperation, using printing services add value to produce customized products, provide product differentiation advantages, to meet customer demand, create a new market.
Three, the strategic alliance (Create Alliances) :
Printing industry to cross-media, interdisciplinary and integrated services, printing industry should have a good strategy partner, to integrate external resources, create competitive differentiation and strengthen the competitive power, such as the transmission of information alliance partners, art economic partner, press, etc. In addition, the printing industry to high-tech industry of science and technology service and cooperation, such as display, semiconductor material, energy, materials, medical materials, or is no longer just downstream processing manufacturers, but can develop the strategy partnership.
Under the changing environment, printing technology industry should take green, cross-media, interdisciplinary, integrated services for the spindle, create demand, create a difference, create alliances under the way of innovation development of printing technology industry.

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