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Briefly predict the Japanese printing market development prospect

A, Japan's printing market
1. The market environment
Printing market and media related of market environment, Japan's printing industry undergoing major changes, such as long-term stagnation, the popularity of all kinds of information media, falling birth rates and an aging society, and the 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan. This grim environment changes cause printing market downturn, and the trend will continue. According to government statistics of industry, 2011 printing enterprises with more than four employees of the business was down 7.5% from the previous year, the output value is reduced to 5.6 trillion yen.
According to Japan's printing industry alliance research report, Japan's printing market traded will decrease from 2010, 7.9 trillion yen to 7.4 trillion yen in 2020, 6% lower than in 2010.
2. The printing industry facing the challenge
Who will not be able to adapt to market changes and the collapse of the printing companies will also appear constantly. Around the industry business model reform and to adapt to the digital and electronic media as the core of the debate has been innovation efforts; At the same time, various activities are carried out.
Second, the Japanese printing machinery market
1.2012 years in trading
Compared with the previous year, printing machinery and equipment production fell by 2.1%, total output value of 157.3 billion yen. The output value of less than half the lehman event before. Compared with last year, printing equipment exports dropped by 11.9%, the amount of foreign exchange was reduced to 133.3 billion yen. In Europe and east Asia, including China and South Korea exports decline in exports to Japan's printing equipment has a great influence. Look at different types of printing machinery products, production, printing equipment fell by 2.7%, 3.3% plate-making equipment, books binding equipment rose by 2.2%, paper processing equipment, rose 0.8%. Printing industry in all aspects of production and export under the influence of the depressed market conditions.
2. From 2013 to 2014
The Japanese market for capital injection will continue to take cautious wait-and-see attitude. Due to this trend by the sluggish economy and information media diversification of demand for print media is not stable. However, in some special field in the active state funding, such as improving the efficiency of printing production technology and environmental safety.
Gradually rise in overseas markets, we see in some countries, including the southeast Asian countries, their market is very active. North America and Western Europe's economy appears to be from the worst recovery. These cases are thought to be positive factors, and we look forward to economic recovery. Recent yen currency trading market for Japanese manufacturers also encouraged. In such a market environment, Japan's printing machinery manufacturing industry for China's printing industry demand for enhanced gradually.
Three, in 2013, the Japan international printing exhibition (JGAS2013)
In 2013 Japan's international printing exhibition will be held on October 2nd to October 5, held in international exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan, roll over 4 days. In Japan in 2013 the international printing exhibition is an international conference and exhibition, the positioning is not confined to the Japanese market, but also the international market, especially in Asia market. The exhibition will be the fourth.
The exhibition theme of "printing + alpha + other (print) media new challenge!" According to this theme, the Japan international printing exhibition will through printing technology innovation, the improvement of method, and electronic media for the response and new business development for + alpha (+ others) to advise. Main activities include directly related to the theme of the business presentations, panel discussions and cover people issues of concern in the seminars. Relevant/media pre-production before printing, printing equipment, printing, after printing, paper processing equipment related information, external equipment of new products, new technologies and services will bring together. In addition, the exhibition will also set up various related packaging printing, the theme of the exhibition market, software and applications.
Exhibition will be the focus of the organization scale of thousands of people visit. Special arrangements for overseas visitors tour will be held simultaneously. As a comprehensive activity of printing industry, in 2013 the Japan international printing exhibition will showcase new equipment, new technologies and services. At the same time, it will also provide communication opportunities for commercial activities.

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