Printing industry and paper mills of the perfect balance is carbon balance
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Printing industry and paper mills of the perfect balance is carbon balance

To a low carbon economy in the world in the process, "carbon balance" (i.e., carbon processing and carbon conservation technologies) this phrase has unavoidable in our dictionary. Printing industry has gripped the opportunity. Now, all the printers and paper shangdu believe carbon balance of choice is a lifeboat industry.
According to Howard Smith that the investigation of the investigation proved that ftse index in the top 1000 companies, most industries carbon balance to the demand. Paper company market director Charles Eaton said, this positive feedback also has caused the people begin to pay close attention to Paper company. The Paper company under pressure according to the key reason the phrase "Eaton is in global warming, carbon dioxide emissions were checked. Many companies are searching for reducing carbon emissions figure, the impact of the way. In this pressure stimulating, Paper companies choose to make out the latest top type of coated Paper, the idea is carbon balance is advocating.
Howard Smith's survey also focus on carbon balance product to the future. Paper company market director Dave · cool to Howard Smith, chief of papers published view is: company wants to help his clients and customers can understand the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions for them, the influence of the market information communication. Cool music said: "we factories introduce made a kind of advanced carbon balance paper, it adopted carbon dioxide emission reduction plan and current environmental certificate authority of the brand the authentication.
The Paper company also remind you: our department is' vigorous development, 'these things and is seen as another environmental protection measures than regard him as a great work. The green environmental protection problems will exist forever, suppliers and buyers have a responsibility to help creating, using environmental protection products and environmental protection plans. To do the work of two aspects, one is the need to clear the greedy people to paper fiction and the industry waste of resources, and the second is must take the way to encourage continued to encourage papermaking departments and printing department reach sustainable development state. Through the introduction of the carbon balance, paper industry has to accomplish this goal a step closer.
The world land trust organization world land trust organization was established in 21 years ago, its goal is to buy and to defend the world threatened wildlife habitats. So far, the charity organization has protected the 500000 acres of endangered land. At present the carbon balance of project startup concentrated in Latin America, but trust organization in the hope can all tropical regions expanding the program. The main focus on converting cropland to forest and "avoid deforestation"-due to the primeval forest and cut down the release of carbon dioxide emissions, etc
The world land trust organization to provide a free audit carbon emissions website. Once the audit results can be completed and submitted to the world land trust organization, it will calculate with the company operation related carbon dioxide emissions and related audit report, the report will be detailed points out that needed to deal with the carbon emissions and dealing with these the share of the cost borne by carbon emissions.

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