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About China green printing and printing industry of digital trend analysis

To provide an overview of the development of the industry of printing and packaging, printing and printing industry green digital is the trend of The Times. Especially with the general administration of press and publication of the environmental protection department of the signed the implement green printing strategic cooperation agreement ", but also promoted the comprehensive system implementation of the printing industry green strategy. Digital printing as a member of the digital process printing, green wind blew incumbent come in.

Digital printing industry "green wind", should be throughout the product life cycle, including product development, manufacturing, distribution, sale, service, waste to recycle. Whether products and recycle, or technology innovation of efforts, all need to digital printing service provider in the environmental protection and sustainable development effort.
Digital printing after years of rapid development, has entered the mature period of development, the environmental protection question is not simple is a trend, it is to become a and the whole of closely related to the development of the printing industry.
In the digital printing field, equipment suppliers, printing enterprise, the consumer the trends of the three parties "green wind", not only beneficial to China digital printing enterprises implement go out strategic explore the international market, and better for "printing powers" to achieve the goals of times lay foundation.

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