Paper Christmas CARDS is still big popular
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Paper Christmas CARDS is still big popular
Christmas is coming, and to send each other CARDS. Recently, gold printing group according to a new survey results show that paper Christmas CARDS, than its competitors electronic greeting card more popular, and the popularity is the most type.
Electronic mail is widely considered to be one of the most effective means of communication, considering the factors, gold printing group with "you preferred Christmas CARDS is a paper or electronic" to investigate the problem of Britain's 1080 consumers were investigated. The results show that paper Christmas CARDS won an overwhelming 85% of the vote.
Among them, nearly 40% of the respondents said, choose paper Christmas CARDS because this way can show more concern about others; More than 46% of the respondents said this is because the paper Christmas CARDS than electronic greeting card more targeted.
Only 6% of the respondents think that use the electronic greeting card better than paper CARDS, because this will help reduce carbon emissions; And 2% of respondents said they don't like piles of paper Christmas CARDS with their room.
Gold printing group global communication solutions marketing director Tony said: "therefore, we still yearn for some traditional things, this to us, is a celebration."
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