India by using waste paper system "plank brick"
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India by using waste paper system "plank brick"
It is reported, every year the world consumption of paper countless, however incineration and pollution of the environment. Recently, the Indian scientists developed a, can use waste paper to make "plank brick" technology, although there have been using waste paper making bricks, but easy to fire bricks, there is risk. The Indian development technology, can make paper brick more secure and practical.
As we have learned, this kind of brick is made of 90% recycled waste paper and 10% cement is made, through mechanical mixing, into the mould., and finally in the sun can be dried. These bricks at present has been used to produce false ceiling and indoor compartment, exterior wall may be used to join a layer of waterproof layer. Institute officials say, in addition to waste paper besides, polystyrene foam, plastic fiber, straws, polystyrene fiber and cotton waste materials, and other items can also be used to make bricks. With these recycling material making bricks will cost 50% less than the ordinary bricks.
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