Non-woven shopping bag printing processes
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Non-woven shopping bag printing processes

Non-woven shopping bags of production and the sublimation inkjet printing technology application from 2008 from June 1, the limit the use of plastic shopping bags full, banned the use of ultra-thin plastic bags, environmental protection is calling for the expanded the use of recycled shopping bags. Plastic limit to release, each big market in succession non-woven shopping bag promote the environmental protection use. Plastic limit to awaken the Chinese people's awareness of environmental protection for environmental protection shopping bag also brought the unlimited business opportunities. Non-woven fabric is a don't need to spin and weave and the formation of fabric, just a textile short fibers or filament for directional or random hold column, form fiber nets structure, then the mechanical, thermal glue or chemical methods such as strengthening and into. Nonwovens break through the traditional textile principle, and has the craft process short, production speed, high output, low cost, use the wide, more than the sources of the raw materials, etc. Non-woven shopping bag with tough and durable, beautiful modelling, air permeability and can be duplicated, washing, can screen printing advertisements, marks, life is long, etc, suitable for any company, any industry as a advertising gift, with. Consumers in shopping at the same time, got a nice non-woven bag, and stores to get the invisible advertising, kill two birds with one stone, so non-woven fabric on the market has become more and more popular.
Non-woven shopping bag printing general use of the screen printing, but because the screen printing equipment, plate making color matching is expensive and complicated production process trival faults, especially screen printing need to mass production to reduce costs. In this photograph, with the continuous improvement of the ink-jet technology, the sublimation inkjet printing technology began to replace screen printing printing aspects in non-woven pop up. The sublimation inkjet technology USES cp2199sdfjsdkfkj inkjet printers without version of the characteristics of the direct output, using the sublimation inkjet ink elegant design directly spray hit the sublimation of paper, and then after thermal transfer machine to transfer the non-woven fabric. After special fabric processing of non-woven fabric can also need not the sublimation of paper and using printer gush go up directly hit heating imaging. The sublimation inkjet printing non-woven shopping bag with equipment cheap, simple operation, plate making, process without simple features, especially in printing precise image, screen printing is almost can't be accurately reproduce elegant appearance, the sublimation inkjet printing can achieve professional image level of the printing level.
The sublimation inkjet printing equipment is also very cheap, small ink-jet printing can use 300 yuan desktop printer, plus xin's English the sublimation ink, the advertising business and identify the direct gush hit the sublimation of paper, again in the thermal transfer with 180-200 degrees Celsius on shopping bag to transfer to the pattern to. If the output is bigger, can use Mimaki JV4 or JV22, Roland FJ740 and Epson Stylus Pro7800, face a inkjet printers, plus xin's the hot sublimation/thermal transfer ink and xin's English the sublimation of paper, so that can satisfy the basic 15-45 square metre per hour of shopping bag printing. If required, large-scale inkjet printing industrialization produce non-woven shopping bag, can use Xaar cernet nozzle breadth of the pictorial machine and xin's British solvent the sublimation ink spray directly hit the non-woven, output per hour to reach 50-100 square meters. The company can provide a complete right of free hot sublimation inkjet printing non-woven shopping bags of plan, to help customers both small batch or mass can with minimal investment non-woven shopping bags in production.

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