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Batch before printing preparation

By DuoRen to cooperate together to achieve the nets printing, and only working procedure of working procedure is responsible, do their bit, self-examination work processes, strict quality and to produce user satisfaction with the nets edition print. And nets version, ink and printing between these three match is a good prints in the prerequisites. Quality of plate directly determine the printing quality the quality of printing plate making quality inspection of just, however to plate under the premise of stable quality, because of printing the workers take it lightly, also can't get ideal prints, but will cause more waste, appear defective or scrap.
In batch before printing, should first fixed the printing ink ShiYin into net edition, check and the level of the copy layout, the ink, the ink layer thickness, specifications, alignment precision, etc. If alignment precision is bad, can according to the framework of front adjustment knob fine-tuning; If the terms of the hue is wrong, check whether use wrong printing ink, and replaced immediately; If the ink forme bad by solvent to wipe the printing plate graphic sections, the ink and their performance through which have certain improvement wettability; And if the order to reconcile levels have bigger difference, it should be replaced immediately printing nets version. In the printing process must pay attention to the following.
(1) often see rules. Because the space when printing constantly movement back and forth, back and forth with the framework of plate in operation of the collision and vibration by, both between small displacement, there is no accurate longitudinal phenomenon, affects the appearance of the product quality. So often see the rules, the timely discovery, timely adjust.
(2) often check sample. Found short of ink prints imprinting, shall be immediately use clean cotton cloth to wipe nets version. This is because most plate stuck on with crushed a plastic film or ink and dry skin caused by blocked nets version. If discover the ink not divide evenly or become shallow weak, may be too much ink viscosity, shall be immediately stop using a solvent diluted the viscosity of the ink, and use of petrol wipe the layout of graphic, prevent ooze ink or plugging nets so that continuous duty.
(3) semi-finished products to the pile up neatly. In semi-finished stacking in the process, must make on both sides of the paper stacked prolapse. Otherwise the paper because of their gravity and the formation of the bow, on both sides of the paper become warped on and not smooth, the printing paper transfer caused difficulties, often appear ZhangXianXiang broken. When the paper not at ordinary times, can use cardboard cushion flat, and at the same time when the paper to the height of often use points the adjustment of the mechanism of adjustment knob to smooth transfer paper, printing process smoothly.
(4) drying devices because the long-term use of a leaf damage, some local and host of synchronization operation, often cause paper frame on a ZhangXianXiang prints. This time should be sharp-sighted, from a disorderly immediately below the took away, had better not make the ink film surface relative, lest cause defective or scrap stick bad.
Therefore, only pay attention to influence printing quality of the link, to print out the exquisite prints, improve the rate, reduce the consumption to increase performance, enterprise in market competition.

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