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Let double-sided adhesive printing all parties

Now both sides printed labels are used widely, especially cosmetics and health products tags. A label on the bottle on the back of the transparent, through transparent liquid see the first layer design, greatly enhance the visual impact (such as the card the petals of ruby label), the second design at the back can be directly see, main mark product's simple introduction and company contact method, etc. This kind of traditional craft production label is very complex and cost is higher, the process is first in a transparent self-adhesive materials face capable person on the first floor pattern of the printing, then with the transparent white material (usually PP) composite, again in the white material printing the second design, this eventually produce reversible design effect.
Materials-tag, one pace reachs the designated position
In Labeline on a complete can face capable person printing, the bottom paper coating, adhesive silicon, composite, die cutting until the finished product label, realizes from raw material to finished product label a forming, the technology greatly reduces the label of the production cost, the high-end products such as cosmetic, beverage and personal care products labels have an application prospect.
Labeline the non-drying label is the production line ETI coating machine Cohesio and printing machine Metronome perfect union, now the world already in the article 60 ETI tag line into production. Cohesio composite coating production line make whole labels in production can print providers factory independently, to change the label of the traditional production technology industry. Stickers enterprise needed to buy some basic raw materials, such as paper/film/silicone oil/glue, in the face of material (printed text or white material) with silicon, adhesive and substrate after compound, the attachment processed into finished products stickers. Since 2000 the first device have passed since the successful development of more than 30 companies buy and put into use. Flexible printing Metronome high precision is mainly used for printing high-grade no end of paper thin film.
The birth of the label--first after printing compound
Let us see how Labeline for the non-drying label production to provide solutions, a 10 color printing coated compound machine will show how to printing and double label: in two open book separately on the surface material and PET BOPP substrate, BOPP materials, first of all, dust, and then two materials after corona to feeding mechanism, BOPP positive 4 color printing to flip through a flip back after printing. ETI special design of each part has turned a vent, film paper process in go is always in the state of suspension, avoid the flip process scratch film, especially suitable for printing film materials. On the material end to besmear on silicon rubber, and then and good surface material printing compound, finally die cutting rewinding, in the equipment with article points devices that can of finished products article points.
In addition to standard UV printing unit, printers can also choose to add LengTang or hot hot device, screen printing unit, gravure color group are offset printing color even group, all the unit can and flexo unit drawer swaps. This computer displays equipment six unit is to use UV (UV) to dry, and the rest of the water-based ink is used for drying IR (infrared). Because Labeline printing materials in the compound into stickers in before is a bottomless paper thin film, so the tension control is very important, the tension control range can be used in the film from 12 micron to 300 grams of cardboard. BSTPromark equipment with positive and negative alignment system, no matter how the device's speed change, can still keep accurate alignment, save the materials and working time to prepare.
ETI equipment can be easy to realize the non-drying label in print, because the process of first ETI is printing again make stickers, compared with the traditional jie laminating process, not only can realize the full version color printing (the traditional process is in plastic coated off face printing, printing graphic area of no more than 30%, or glue the viscous will damage.
In addition, the printing quality not glue can be very elegant), and technology greatly simplified. The specific process for ETI in no end of paper in the film after printing, besmear again on silicon glue to make the non-drying label, this pattern in glue in printing and material between, get effective protection printing, without glazing or coated, the structure of the products and the production cost comparison and chart 1 shows similar, only white PP film with transparent PP film just.

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