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Ipex2014 show new trends: more than 80% of the area have been sold
With gaussian international and screen company confirmed, show Ipex2014 Ipex2014 show organizers published the latest dynamic: the exhibition of more than 80% of the area have already been sold.
Recently, Ipex2014 exhibition organizers hosted the Open Day activities, the exhibition's executive director Trevor Crawford said: "from the point of the latest statistics, 45% of the exhibition pre-registered audience is from the UK local, 55% of the exhibition pre-registration from overseas audience."
Gaussian international marketing manager Eric Bell said: "we know that we will have a large number of overseas customers will visit the exhibition, and at the same time in the UK, we have a lot of local customers are planning or on our project, so that the exhibition will be our to market a perfect opportunity to show the company strength."
European screen company will be there with Truepress continuous inkjet printing solutions to participate in the exhibition, the company has ordered a 285 square meters of exhibition booth, President Brian Filler, said: "Ipex exhibition will be perfect. It will show the signs of economic recovery around the world, good recovery industry confidence."
In the Open Day activities, exhibition, general manager of Peter Hall said: "the plan of the Ipex exhibition in 2014 and 2010 are very different, but that doesn't change our priorities and responsible attitude to the industry. We will be firmly committed to provide industry at home and abroad is the trend of major events in the printing and printing."
Crawford thank Ipex360 committee to redefine the exhibition for them, in the form of our exhibition area of 42000 square meters, the area is very large.So far, more than 80% of the area is sales, in addition, we have a great goal, we hope that we can let the audience the average sojourn time increased to 2 and a half days from past 2 days or 3 days.
On March 24, 2014, Ipex exhibition will be opening, now distance in four months time, Crawford are expected to be 450-500 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition. (Gold Printing Group)
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