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Ipex2014 international printing exhibition organizing committee will hold printing skills contest
      To better motivate more traditional offset printing forces to participate in the exhibition, the organizing committee of the Ipex2014 plan will be held during the exhibition next year "printing skills contest", invites all over the world printing enterprise of the captain of the offset press to participate, is expected to top players will be the organizer of the cash awards and MEDALS.
It is understood that the game with two male contestants as a team to sign up for that content in the shortest possible time to complete the templates to give priority to.British printing industry association member Burnetts company will provide a Heidelberg SM52 - for game 5 colors, printing equipment, as the game competition requires at least one player in the team after a year of time the designated printing equipment training or related types of printing equipment in field.
Starting time, each team to complete the 250 paper pile of paper, plate, printed on the color, choose a as entries.Boot time to prepare the shortest team will win the championship, the printing of the highest quality team at the same time, it will be rewarded.
The contest organizers and Ipex2014 exhibition sales director Wayne Beckett comment said: "in this activity we have been brewing for a long time, when the plan every day in the competition of 6 groups start at 11 o 'clock. Competition provides the best printing machine operators around the world to demonstrate skills platform, site visit to believe there will be a large audience for Ipex2014." (Gold Printing Group)
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