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Germany invented the world's first self-replicating 3 d printer
3 d printer can print real 3 d object, this is to take the object to replicate. Recently, a group of researchers at the university of Germany Doppelbock developed a very powerful 3 d printer. Unlike previous 3 d printer, the printer's biggest characteristic is to have the ability to "replicate".
In fact, the 3 d printer to print the object is nothing something magical, but support print one size smaller than oneself child 3 d printer, achieved some degree of replication. Most surprisingly, the print out of the 3 d printer is not only a model, but continue to copy to print smaller 3 d printer. This means that the future 3 d printers may not the concept of "manufacturing".
Researchers said that at present they have the 3 d printer successfully reproduce the 12 generations, each printer if continue to copy, produced by a female printer printer will geometric multiples growth, this will greatly improve the production capacity of 3 d printer.
The researchers also said: "this is the first self-replicating ability in the world of 3 d printer, it is expected to change the world." Involved in the study of feng 蘒 iman Dr Even quipped: "anyway, I just hope this printer don't forget to design a power off button." Used to describe this printer replication ability strong. (Gold Printing Group)
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