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2013 bologna children's book fair was held
The 50th bologna children's book fair on March 25 to 28 in Italy. The book fair has attracted over 75 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions, including 1100 from outside Italy. Printed books and multimedia exhibition exhibition points teenagers, and children's book illustrator gallery.
Set up a new award
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bologna children's book fair held, the bologna book fair and the Italian publishers association launched a new award to bologna children's book publishers of the year award (BOP - BolognaPrizefortheBestChidren 'sPublishersoftheYear), granted in the past year in editing and publishing innovation of good children's book publishers. The award is dedicated to publishing organization in terms of editing and publication of the world's value and their professional skills and intellectual content. The prize will be awarded from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania, one copy each of the six regions, each region has six publishers nomination, nominated publisher in Asia including China Taiwan green culture co., LTD. (GrimmPress). The inaugural winners will be announced at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the party.
The bologna book fair award for the digital publications is the new award, 2012, promulgated by the second digital publications award this year, the prize awarded by the books of the new media products. This year, due to the rapid growth of digital books in the field of received from 29 countries and regions hundreds of candidate product, issued on March 25, awards. Awards in fiction published by Madrid's book four small Angle, the book tells the story of a square nails hard into the round hole in the story, the judges called "geometry has never been so interesting and moving"; Nonfiction awards are awarded to the UK London published about the classics of world war I "war horse", has been adapted for movie spielberg), the digital products, including the original text, the author read, 360 - degree image technology, as well as the effect of music, the judges praised its ", from the perspective of the Allies and Germany and other mining complex social subject ".
Sweden has lot of children's books
Sweden is the Lord of the bologna book fair, major products are picture books, theme is "cultural rights of children". Book fair by the Swedish culture secretary liana, adel was unveiled, about 50 a Swedish writer and illustrator to participate in the exhibition. Liana, adel said: "the bologna book fair is the biggest event of the world youth literature, the most unique in its focus on illustrations and visual arts. As a child to read, we lit the graphics on their imagination, and the language of desire and curiosity. This is why want to read to children on a regular basis, even after they grow up to read also want to insist on. Through the story of treated by reading with your child, we can help them to master the ability to understand the story better, to expand their vocabulary."
300 - square - meter booth exhibition expert group of 31 illustrator, from children's perspective. These illustrators are senior painter, after 80 young artists. Hanging over the booth many UFO sightings, attracting tourists, the object is a kindergarten children of Stockholm.
Illustrators exhibition
Illustrators exhibition since 1967 fourth session of the bologna book fair have been the core of the book festival, the world famous illustrator show works unique opportunities for international publishers. The international jury review of the book fair 3147 candidates from more than 64 countries and regions, and ultimately selected 77 illustrator to 22 countries and regions. In 2013 the international jury including experts from printing, illustrations and children's literature.
2013 annual cover artist is Peter sith (PeterSis), he is 2012, Hans Christian Andersen award winner. Peter from the Czech republic, the sith, now living in New York, is an artist, writer and director. He directed the film and animation short film award 26, he was also a stage and set designers. In 2003 he won the MacArthur prize, he was involved in writing and drawing illustrated children's and adult books more than 60 kinds, 3 kinds of Heidi won the prize. His paintings and 3 d work, in Europe, Asia and the americas have been done. The bologna book fair to Peter sith in convention and exhibition center held a personal exhibition.
The exhibition also set up the illustrators cafe, facilitating party study book publishers and artists, cafes arranged many activities, such as "yes," children's cultural rights contemporary Swedish children's book illustration works official exhibitions, MEDALS, astrid lindgren, a literature award ceremonies live illustration, bologna children's book fair in 2013, the international award, award ceremonies, etc.
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