Common print pressure light the cause of the problem and solution
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Common print pressure light the cause of the problem and solution
Calender print, as a kind of packaging, its appearance quality, directly affects the market image of the product. So, pressure light processing, in addition to the high gloss products are required to, products should also have good flatness. White board paper is one of the raw materials of packaging decoration printing, cartons, boxes and handbags such as packaging products, generally using the whiteboard paper to print, after polishing oil and pressure light processing, make the product surface to form a layer of bright protective layer, at the same time to make the product surface has a waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resisting and beautiful, durable features. However, quantitative under 250 grams of whiteboard paper, curled up in production, tight edge and lotus leaf edge deformation, make the paper lack of good flatness, this paper calender, prone to wrinkling. In addition, machine use and adjust the improper pressure light wrinkles also easy to cause the product. Golden group, in the paper of the beer case surface (with 250 grams of whiteboard paper printing semi-finished products) to carry on the calender, calender wrinkling problems from time to time, affecting the quality of the products. Root cause analysis and solution of the fault phenomenon, we have the following experience:
1. Printing quality calender when prone to sticking steel strip of reason and solution
Print glued steel band phenomenon in a calender, is refers to the printing quality in pressure light after temperature and pressure, printing quality cannot be nature and steel belt separation, need to use hand to force, even some hand stripping is difficult to strip away, there is possible to print on the surface of strip break. In calender we printed beer case surface paper, had seen this problem, the print cost is very big, the production efficiency has been greatly affected. After serious analysis and discussion, and found the following problem is the cause of whiteboard paper calender glued steel strip: whiteboard paper thickness is not uniform; Whiteboard paper surface rough oil suction is too large; Polished too thin on oil (paint); Grease roll deflection deformation of core; Steel band dirty or poor glossiness; Calender temperature and pressure of light pressure is overweight, etc., are easy to cause print glued steel belt. The solution is: try to choose the basic uniform thickness, paper coating of good quality, relatively smooth calender whiteboard paper; Of oil-absorbing paper whiteboard paper, oil can be used in two ways, to overcome the print sticking steel strip; Oil roller of the deflection deformation of core, make print oil appear uneven phenomenon, should check and correct, to ensure oil evenly and adequate; Steel strip of dirt or surface glossiness poor cleaning and polishing treatment; Using the temperature of 130 ℃ to pressure light; Appropriately reduce the pressure of light pressure, through such control, can avoid printing quality adhesive strip problem well.
2. Printing quality calender film surface appear streaks, wrinkle or foaming phenomenon the reason and solution
Print pressure light streaks or wrinkling problems at the membrane surface, is a common phenomenon in pressure light of product quality problems, its reason is various. If it is high viscosity value or poor wettability glazing coating, adding suitable amount of thinner should give glazing coating or choose good wettability glazing coating. If is a large amount of coating should be appropriate decrease glazing oil coating on the surface of the printing quality. If process conditions and coating eligibility does not form a complete set, it should choose or change other kinds of glazing coating process conditions, to make it adapted to coating performance. In addition, printing quality blister problems, at the membrane surface and pressure light pressure, pressure in the process of light steel strip temperature is too high, make local appeared to soften the coating, it should be appropriate to reduce pressure of light pressure and the temperature of the machine. If glazing coating and calender process parameter does not adapt, make the printing on the surface of the coating layer after cooling, light steel strip of peel force and pressure difference, you should consider adjusting process parameters, appropriately reducing the calender speed, so that the printing quality coating layer can be implemented with pressure between light steel strip light stripping force, make the printing quality calender is not affected by the adhesion of the strip at the membrane surface damage.
3. Printing quality calender after surface membrane layer of gloss is not good reason and solution
If crude oil absorption paper too; Pressure light pressure is not enough or uneven; Calender temperature is low; Pressure light dirty steel belt surface or rough; Pressure light coating quality is poor or insufficient concentration; Uneven glazing roll eccentricity, coated or adverse situation exists such as polishing speed too fast, is easy to make print gloss surface film layer after calender is poor, the lack of brightness. To this, the solution is: on paper rough strong oil absorption, oil can be used on two measures to improve the printing quality on the surface of the brightness; Appropriate increase the pressure of light pressure and adjust the pressure of the pressure roller, rubber roller) balance, it is advisable to make pressure light pressure on both sides reach even; Appropriate adjustable high voltage light temperature; Dirt on the surface of steel strip for clean, clear, and the rough surface of the band polishing processing; USES the high gloss glazing coating or increasing glazing coating ratio; For car polishing roll lost round rubber roll round processing or to the eccentric wear of the roller head repair processing; For absorbing large cardboard surface, polishing, can be appropriately oil coated with low speed, and in this way, can achieve better improve the effect of pressure of brightness.
4. Print on paper prone to fracture after calender phenomenon the reason and solution
If calender temperature too high, so, the printing quality will be too much water loss in the calender, and make the cardboard the moisture content decreased obviously, it's very easy so that the paper fiber brittle, cardboard when folded shape, is prone to fracture phenomenon. That should consider to appropriately reduce the operating temperature in the calender, after making the printing quality calender remain a certain moisture content. In addition, if pressure light pressure is overweight, reduce the plasticity of printed words, so, its toughness is decline phenomenon, also easy to make cardboard and split case, the solution is: should by reducing the pressure of light pressure, fibrous tissue from damage of the board, to keep its toughness. (Gold Printing Group)
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