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About some basic common sense in the process of printing
first, how to think and to master (control) printing speed
So-called offset press high printing speed, refers to the offset printing machine in the use of environment, paper, ink and other consumables appropriate conditions can achieve the highest rotational speed, and irregular printing speed.
Models of constant speed of itself, and the structure, material and stable performance. All materials and equipment stability good performance, reasonable structure, can master the constant speed, in addition, equipment use environment is large, the status of the paper, ink and other consumables also differ in thousands ways, to this, experts point of view is: some such as Germany, Japan and other imported models generally should be master in their "top speed" of about 80%, and domestic equipment in general about 65%.
If printing speed control properly, its operation is more normal, noise, vibration, wear and tear is small, and low failure rate, to reduce equipment accidents, improve the quality of products, etc. Both imported equipment and domestic equipment, using the top speed for a long period of time, if you don't timely equipment maintenance and maintenance, easy to cause equipment sudden loss and accidents.
second, what is the specific elongation of rubber cloth
Rubber cloth is a kind of elastic body, throughout the clamping, the rotation and coining process is bound to produce stress after elongation. To put the plate on the graphic more accurately transfer to paper, insist on rubber blanket elongation in the stamping process, and must be uniform.
1, stretch tight tightly, you less elongation in the process of printing, graphic size changes are small, but stretched too tight, it led to the layout of the increase of the amount of friction and plate life.
2, tension is too loose, the elongation increases, and the layout of the small amount of friction and easy to cause ghosting (double) phenomenon.
How will you ensure the rubber cloth to obtain ideal elongation?
1, choose elongation small blanket, and must strict attention when cutting and clamping, the longitudinal tuft direction (warp) shall not be parallel to the cylinder axis, to prevent the increase of the elongation, general rubber cloth bottom has a longitudinal tuft direction arrows and lines.
2, when the overprint, blanket should maintain the degree of tension constant, thereby avoiding graphic size change.
Three, for the expansion rate of the paper and paper deformation
Paper expansion rate, also known as paper deformation, refers to the paper size of relative changes after wetting and drying, because the measure of the size of the increase and decrease is often through percentage change after the size and the size of the original sample to say, so the expansion rate of the paper.
Paper fiber is a kind of hydrophilic substances, i.e., absorbed moisture and expand, release moisture and shrinkage, so the paper deformation mainly depends on the fiber expansion and contraction. Straight line is the size of this form, the main change, the change reason is: water infiltration between fiber and disappear, brought about relative displacement between fiber (length, width is changed).
Due to the operation process paper deformation caused by:
1, paper crane drying process is not fully before printing, paper moisture inappropriate or uneven.
2, section water master is not appropriate, common causes too much water.
3, the temperature and humidity in the workshop is appropriate, or fickle.
4, the management of semi-finished products, does not conform to specified requirements.
4, what is the rubber roller printing eligibility and problems should be paid attention to

fourthly,Rubber roller printing adaptability, refers to in the process of printing, rubber roller, the assumption of adaptive performance for water flow.
Rubber roller have good elasticity, but in the long run printing, because of its high speed and continuously influenced by temperature, pressure and tension, reduce its elasticity, ink transfer adverse, even produce ink, and so, to rest rubber roller is very necessary, on a regular basis once the rubber roller. Influence the effect of printing defects or long-term use and improper use of aging, should be replaced in a timely manner.

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