Britain will issue stain resistant plastic monetary environmental cost is low
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Britain will issue stain resistant plastic monetary environmental cost is low
The bank - the bank of England 18 announcement said, starting in 2016 and 2017 respectively, the bank will issue $5 and 10 pounds of polymerization plastic COINS, to replace currently used with currency notes.
The bank of England, said the new plastic notes will retain the currency notes in appearance design, including the queen's head and a historical portrait photo.Since 2016, the currency for 5 plastic currency will use the image of the former British prime minister Winston Churchill;Since 2017, the currency for ten pounds of plastic money is used the image of the famous British writer Jane Austen.
The bank also said that after three years of research, paper plastic currency has the following advantages: first, the more resistant to dirty, and easy to clean;Second, better security and safety;Third, use fixed number of year longer;Finally, more environmentally friendly, its light and flexibility are better suited to put in the purse, and in the long term, the cost is lower than paper currency.
The bank of England said, from the beginning in September 2013, the bank for two months of public opinion survey, 87% of people support the use of plastic money, 6% of people opposed to the use, the other 7% of the population was the neutral attitude.
The bank of England governor mark carney said in a statement: "the central bank's responsibility is to ensure the credibility of the currency and public confidence, the new plastic currency from the design innovation will satisfy this requirement, because of the new currency better quality, security and distribution costs are low."
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