According to the survey the paper books market development is good
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According to the survey the paper books market development is good
Ricoh (USA) company has officially announced its entrusted to IT strategy the company in collaboration with the university of Colorado in the book industry study.The main results were as follows:
Nearly 70% of consumers feeling not discarded printed books before 2016.Print books give the feeling of consumers, such as attractive relative to the touch e-books, and print books is expected to be into luxury goods in the future.
Although the ebook downloads popular at present, but the United States has 60% of the e-book readers not to read after download.Since 2012, the e-book market growth, at the same time the e-reader sales decline, the tablet computer equipment usage is growing.
Degree of college students' love of hard copy books than e-books.Main reason is to better focus on the students copy books, and electronic products such as PC is easily distracted.
The current trend is book page number less and less, but the books content involves more and more widely.
Unique advantages of digital printing technology makes the number of book printing printing enterprise more down-to-earth.
Consumers in the choose and buy a copy books without considering the three factors when choosing books include: reading paper books eye not easy fatigue, like the simple sense of touch paper, like to acquire for shelving books.
Other relating to the press and book printing and production entity the results of the study include:
Now press the digital printing technology there are two main ways.One is mainly aimed at the order of 1 to 2 customers;2 it is to meet the market demand for bestseller printing.
Digital printing enterprise has successfully open the doors of business revenue model.70 units of production in the United States in 2014 is expected to inkjet digital printing system distribution in 35 books printing and production entity, digital print books occupy 15% of the whole book printing market share.
The study is the result of survey of 1000 people in the industry, accounted for 55% of men and women was 45%.
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