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Brazilian publishing experience the biggest decline in 10 years
According to the Brazilian economy research foundation (FIPE) released the latest statistics show that Brazilian publisher in revenue of $2.439 billion last year, more than $2011 in 2.147 billion grew by 3.04%, considering the inflation factor (5.84%), Brazil's book market shrank 2.64% in real terms. This is also the industry experienced the biggest drop since 2002.
The Brazilian government procurement budget is to reduce the book market in Brazil in 2012, a major reason for poor performance. The Brazilian government last year purchased $644000 worth of books, was down more than 10.4% in 2011.
Sales market is actually growing, but not enough to offset the decline in government procurement budget. In 2012, Brazilian publisher sales were $1.795 billion, more than $2011 in 1.688 billion grew by 0.49%, but that didn't make any sense. The book market sales in Brazil since 2008 there has been no real growth. Government procurement in the publisher and the proportion of income is 26.4%, more than 28.7% in 2011 fell slightly. On the number of it, Brazil has sold 268.6 million copies in 2012, more than 284 million copies in 2011 dropped by 5.43%. Among them, the publishers to sell 166.4 million copies of the government's books, was down more than 10% in 2011.
Publishers to worry about the other problem is publishing the continued volatility of prices, because it is influenced by tax policies and government procurement budget is the largest. Grew by 12.46% in 2012, the average price of publishers, this means that the average price of books during the period of 2011 ~ 2012 grew by 6.25% in real terms.
The average price of mentioned here refers to the amount of gross income divided by total sales in the industry and the data, and can't really reflect the price movements of book. In fact, Brazil's economy research foundation estimates that Brazil's book prices have fallen by 41% since 2004. (Gold Printing Group)
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