A brief overview of Latin America printing ink market prospect
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A brief overview of Latin America printing ink market prospect
In recent years, Latin America has become one of the main areas of growth in the global printing ink industry. Of increasing with the development of local economy, packaging printing and publishing printing market opportunities, at the same time, many multinational companies have also moved to here. These factors have contributed to the growth of printing and ink market in this region.
This paper mainly in Brazil and Mexico as focus on two markets:
Promising a, Brazil: economy, driving the development of printing ink market
ABITIM company is based in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil, the local well-known printing ink manufacturing suppliers, annual turnover in us $550 million, in Sao Paulo, WeiLiu port (Porto Allegr), Buenos Aires, etc all have subsidiaries. As a subsidiary of the Cromos S.A. Tintas Graficas in Brazil and Argentina regional influence is very big, corporate vice President Gero Pluecker according to company sales very well in the first half of the year.
"The best performing market during the first half when belong to packaging and printing field, the primary reason is that outstanding performance of Brazilian agriculture. But the sheet-fed offset printing ink to have obvious changes, the only way is to develop new business opportunities." Mr Pluecker introduce ink sales company said truthfully.
He pointed out that is critical to quality and service in Brazil and Argentina, the company's products has received a bad industry honor. "In 2013, the company topped Graphprint (Brazilian magazine printing top award) award winner, the 12th time won the award for the best printing ink suppliers, etc."
As the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and other important events of the 2016 Olympic Games held, Brazil's economy is certainly will will increase trend in the future. Therefore, Brazil printing is still full of "sunshine" in the future.
Second, Mexico: dominant local ink suppliers, packaging and printing market demand
At present, in Brazil and Central America have set up many large printing companies, it also bring the opportunity for printing ink market. Based in Mexico, Sanchez SA DE CV company have already become the biggest local printing ink production suppliers, and has formed multiple branches in Central America, including El Salvador laurel (Sanchez Centroamerica) and Guatamala (Tintas Sanchez Guatemala SA) and Costa Rica.
"We have started to equipment and raw materials to the Tepeji del Rio city transfer, will start production of new liquid printing ink." Sanchez SA DE CV company chief executive Ernesto Sanchez speech with excitement. In addition, the company was established in March 2012 in South America Grupo Sanchez, Colombia, Ecuador and other countries at the same time set up a sales department. According to Mr Sanchez said Mexico in early 2013, economic growth is slow, but is expected to be realized in the second half of the year to turn back.
Mr Sanchez then added: "the region's economic performance of our service is very good, so as to help us finish the monthly target. In a word, for now, the performance of the packaging and printing market significantly better in the field of commercial printing and publishing printing. " (Gold Printing Group)
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