About the way several common print effect
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About the way several common print effect

After the film can print after improving the grade to print, usually membrane of two: one is dumb membrane, one kind is bright membrane.
Coated is plastic mulch polypropylene in printing surface, and the binder through heat and pressure of the bonding together of the machining process. Laminating process is divided into pre-applied coated and that is coated with two. Pre-applied laminating adhesive coating is in advance in plastic film, drying the winding. After that the situation in adhesive and hot pressing can be completed through the effect of printed matter. That is coated with is coated in to use at the same time adhesives.
The method of coated divided into "cold framed" and "hot framed" "cold framed" is to use glue and cold pressure mounting machine photos and laminating adhesive and the back together; And "hot framed" is framed by hot machine of high temperature and high pressure to complete the picture framed. In contrast, the cost is low mounted cold, but the effect of heat framed better, frame of the storage time after picture also longer.
After the film prints more good-looking, and class is very high also, almost every printed materials are need coated. In langfang printing industry printing factory are almost and laminating separate, so more professional.

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