About the color box printing technology are discussed in the paper
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About the color box printing technology are discussed in the paper

At present, the color box printing quality inspection technology mainly density and color way way two kinds. Among them, the density way is a kind of process control model, according to the thickness of the printing ink layer to the key link of the production process control. Chroma way is of a high precision system control mode, according to chroma of the spectrum or spectral measurements to intuitive color control, but takes into account the printing material, and application environment and testing purposes. In the way of realizing, can use artificial sampling way offline, also can adopt the automatic detection online mode.

1, special color printing quality inspection and control
In the color box packing of the products of the printing, the printing special color with large area ground color piece, colour and dazzing, shelves display effect; Reducing the outlets dieyin, outlets deformation off color, color stability, easy to identify, therefore adopt a large number of special color printing is its basic characteristics. At present, the domestic color box printing enterprise of special color measurement and control means to is relatively backward, most also rely on the working experience in master to allocate designed the color stage, there is the color is not very precise ratio, allocate time long, subjective factors big shortcoming. Therefore, the color matching system is the best solution to the problem, also is international color box quality control and inspection of the mainstream of the technology and the development direction.
With special color ink system is a computer software, color by spectrophotometer, analytical balance, leveling instrument, exhibition ink ink instrument and printing eligibility apparatus composed of the system. With special color ink system can through the test and the experiment will color box printing enterprise of material, printing ink color printing and the parameters of the data stored in the database system, match colors software can according to the clients is colored samples for spectral measurement, the application of computer automatic color matching analysis and match colors homework, according to the customer samples and match colors sample of CIELab value, density values, train E to control the color matching conditions, providing printing control parameters, which can realize with special color ink of digital. Such as including hardware spectrophotometer SpectroEye and InkFormulation Swiss GretagMacbeth ink formula system, and its SpectroEye can not only the print outlets, density value, also can examine Hue (Hue, Saturation (Saturation) and lightness (Luminosity); InkFormulation just few concentration ladder feet to build an accurate database can be. Match colors data can be facing offset printing, also can face flexo, gravure and silk screen printing, can provide a variety of printing ink formula of the sort order, if press the similarity of hue, with different color spectrum value, special color ink unit price, printing ink, dosage of ink layer thickness. Thus, the application of digital fundamentally breaks through the experience of match colors restrict, meet the color box printing industry quality higher, the shorter the cycle costs are lower, the development requirements.

2, special material printing quality inspection and control
In the color box package, special materials and new materials with the application of innovation is a kind of trend, such as smoke bag from the paper bag, card bag soft hard to gold and silver matte hard aluminum foil bag. These high gloss surface composite or coating materials metal luster and refraction surface, printing all sorts of color elegant pattern, feeling giving a person upscale elegant, can greatly improve the product's value space, in high-end color box used widely.
This kind of high gloss surface material because the surface coating level off, has a strong metal luster, when the incident light irradiation, there will be strong specular happen. Therefore, the object surface color appearance with the view will change and change and cause printing production process of color is not easy to control, so that YinChang face guarantee the same batch printing, and even different batches of the printing ink consistent quality control of its specific detection problem technical requirements.
The use of special materials printed color box its printing besides four-color printing CaiTu besides, still a lot of special color and security technology, the test content includes the density, dot enlargement, alignment and luster. Thanks to the special material of surface gloss restriction, and the dot in the measurement of the density, must use application d / 0 measuring optical geometry condition of equipment, had better use according to the spectral principle, will be visible 400 ~ 700 nm band into 31 measurement interval, measuring objects color spectrum reflectance, and a conclusion that the colour CIELab value and the color difference was spectrometer, such as X-Rite SP series. Thus, ensure the high gloss surface materials measurement data accuracy and reliability. Used in ordinary material 0/45 of the geometric conditions measuring instrument, such as X-Rite900 series is unable to obtain the consistent and accurate results.

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