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About box surface trims technology introduction

A carton packaging, applications and requirements
As people strengthening of environmental protection consciousness, the global box/carton packaging industry is developing rapidly, production capacity increased substantially. Due to the fold paper box has the processing of low cost, convenient storage, suitable for all kinds of printing method (flat seal/offset printing, gravure, embossed/flexo printing, screen printing), easy to forming (die cutting indentation, fold the bonding), suitable for automatic packaging (automatically open-forming a pack sealing the process such as), easy to sales, display and recovery, it is favorable to the environment protection and other characteristics, especially through the surface trims (glazing, film coating, hot stamping, pressure bump), to the goods in advertising and promoting, improve the added value of products, is widely used in alcohol and tobacco, drugs, food, beverage, daily provisions, handicraft of packing. In Europe, used in all kinds of fruit juice, milk, cooked food, fast food and snacks and drinks and food packaging carton everywhere. In recent years, with the software industry and music products industry on CD, VCD, DVD product packaging the increase of demand, Swiss PAWI packing company launched a new Data Pac carton packaging mode. This product has the lighter weight more novel appearance, printing, etc. CD, VCD, DVD box surface can be printed customers need all of the information, and requires no additional plastic card or plastic packaging film, packing weight reduced 50%, product mailing expenses also significantly. According to China's tobacco department relevant information report, the domestic hard box packing cigarette proportion has reached 56%.
With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people to fold the paper box demand will continue to increase, and the quality of the paper box to also put forward higher request. To avoid in the automatic folding box gluing machine out of scrap, make folding carton packing machine in high speed automatically open, molding, loaded, seal, such as technology, not only requires the box structure size design is reasonable, and should also guarantee box of film have enough die cutting precision and folding box gluing precision. Short version of the live thing, the improvement of the machining increase quality, reduce production cost is also facing carton packaging enterprise market pressure and the difficult problem, which requires the carton packaging production process in the application of new technology, improve the degree of automation equipment, reducing equipment adjustment time and live a auxiliary preparation time. Only by constantly adapt to market changes, new customers request, can improve the paper carton packing the competition ability of the enterprise.
Second, paper boxes, surface trims technology
Due to offset printing ink layer is thin, easy cause inky saturation is insufficient, printing quality overall luster effect often not beautiful, coated or polishing process with the surface of the aims to improve gloss, so as to improve the printing ink layer brightness, and at the same time provide a carton packaging for effective protective layer, make its color can in post-press processing and storage and transport package will not be in because of friction and fall off. Used for coated plastic film transparent, high gloss, and the price is cheap. But because the paper coated to recycling, not of degradation, easy cause white pollution, and long-term use still can endanger the health of workers. Therefore, the traditional namely type laminating adhesive materials with high quality will be replaced by environmental protection new type adhesives.
. Glazing
Glazing can not only strengthen the surface light, protection printing graphic, and do not affect the paper recycling, can save resources, protecting the environment. So is widely applied to the surface of the carton packaging trims. Polishing paint main including solvent oil, water glazing polish oil, UV glazing oil etc. Because of solvent oil poor efficacy polish, and not conducive to the environmental protection, application scope is very limited.
Glazing coating
(1) water in the water as solvent oil glazing, avirulent insipidity, eliminate the for the harm to human body and pollution to the environment, with the drying speed is fast, membrane layer good diaphaneity, stable performance, glazing surface smoothness, postpress suitable wide, hot sealing performance is good, use safety and reliability. It has been more and more food, medicine, tobacco carton packaging printing enterprise value.
(2) the UV glazing rely on ultraviolet radiation, the UV coating internal produces chemical reaction, complete curing process. Because the role of ultraviolet ray, UV glazing moment when dry, curing does not exist when the solvent volatilization, won't cause pollution to the environment. Use UV glazing oil printing quality, high surface gloss, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, resistance to light. But because the UV glazing oil prices high, high performance requirements of the machine, and so is now only used for luxury box glazing.
Glazing way
(1) single glazing: use the special glazing machine or pressure light machine box glazing complete process.
(2) online glazing: printing, polish a complete. High speed, efficiency higher characteristic, reducing the semi-finished products resulting from the loss of turnover designed brings trouble. Can use the printing unit wetting device or lost ink device glazing, also can use printing machines independent glazing unit for online glazing. Use glazing unit glazing production, high efficiency, polish stable quality, glazing unit consists of printing machine control center for monitoring and control, such as the photosensitive resin version of transverse and weeks to alignment adjustment, the diagonal alignment adjusting etc. Online glazing device for the entire surface or paper box can be local graphic uniformity glazing. Glazing can be used rubber cloth, also can use flexible version of fine for local glazing; Both water can polish, can also be UV glazing. Online glazing device can be divided into roller of glazing device and scraper type glazing device two kinds.

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