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The Japanese government is corrugated industry monopoly to impose fines

It is reported that Japan's sales of corrugated paper 60 companies trade union, and jack up the price.To this, the fair trade commission to its 13 billion yen (RMB 790 million) fines.
Be fined the company has 60, including Osaka Rengo, Tomoku and oji in Tokyo.
Relevant personnel, according to the company in addition to large drinks companies provide corrugated paper, also in east Japan trading small batch.They have formed in these transactions, trade union, suspected of jack up prices.
Fair trade commission said that since the year before last on-site inspection, confirmed that the corrugated paper raw material prices for 3 years ago, Rengo, after consultation and so on five big company raised the price of that fact.
Therefore, according to the antitrust laws, the committee decided to impose fines of 13 billion yen (RMB 790 million), and sent a notice to the company.
Tomoku after receiving the notice said: "because no ruling also scrutinize content, unable to comment.Also said because of and judgment, explain the different parts of our company, we would have to discuss carefully.Oji says: we will study in detail, after confirmation to discuss today.

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