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English new words too much Print or into Oxford dictionary

Oxford University press of the Oxford English dictionary has a history of 130 years, the authority is an English dictionary.But press since version 2 was launched in 1989, because of the Internet information developed, new words are created, make new edition hasn't come out, is expected to have until 2034 to finish.Publishers say more likely to push the online version only, meaning that the massive print dictionary or will become history.
The Oxford English dictionary editor, said the word choice, included former, the team will use up to 10 years to observe people use the word frequency, and whether the word is widely used.More than 70 experts from 70 starts to make 3rd edition dictionary, included 50 to 60 words per month, is now fully includes 800000 words.If the launch print, there will be a full 40 volumes.
Publishers, points out that unless the new dictionary debut, demand for print enough, to consider.Existing second edition of the Oxford English dictionary has 20 copies of a complete set of, 2000 online edition, with people more than 2 million per month.

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