With corona processing equipment to increase surface tension
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With corona processing equipment to increase surface tension

Corona processing is a effective method, can not only improve plastic diaphragm and metallization base material of surface tension, but also can improve without absorption of the surface tension of the paper and cardboard. Only in about 38 baekho Newton/meters above the surface ZhangLiCai enough to make ink bond. Because of the processing factory on the diaphragm shall corona effect will be in storage process reduced, so many plastic printers used online corona system. Global group in this field is AhlbrandtSystemGmbH partner.

Corona processing how to play a role

Corona processing is the most frequent used to improve surface printing diaphragm suitable method. Improve the surface tension of UV ink and not only coating or no water offset printing ink provides better bonding, and adhesive also has similar action.

In Latin "corona" this word that is crown or corolla. If a electrode to exert high voltage, uncontrolled discharge will be in the electrodes produced a shallow blue around the glowing corona-the surrounding air will be "ionization change". The more correct to say, high frequency current will put in the air the oxygen molecules and nitrogen molecules break to form of atoms. In corona processing system, these atoms were from a quartz electrode lead to one with ceramic coating on the back pressure roller, or, if it is the will of global group, will lead to the chrome embossed on the roller. In this process, they are along the field lines to accelerate and infiltration of 0.1 HaoWeiMi diaphragm surface, and in so doing and at the same time, to make the hydrogen atom rammed from polymer chains in decent shape. In the surface of the metal base material also will be the same way release the atoms. In just a few milliseconds is in the surface of crosslinking crevices; This effect is also called "rough method". Here's a roller of the electrode function, or by its dispel charge and at the same time in the diaphragm and provide the right between corona electrode gap.

For the single offset modifications

Global group for wide 74 cm width of the printer will provide the choose and buy of the corona processing equipment. The production of such equipment is Lauterbach/Hessen partner for the base of the AhlbrandtSystemGmbH, this company to provide global group for only a single offset printing special changes corona system.

ASCoronaStar series was originally developed in the flexible printing and paper printing machine and a narrow range of rolling diaphragm manufacturer. In these applications, with only 2 mm diaphragm clearance through the quartz electrode. But, in the leaflet printing machines with diao paper teeth, so can't with such a small gap. The corona discharge transferred to lose on the paper of the alternatives are also not feasible, because things with a single printing will stack way continuous transmission and paper to here the slowing down.

Therefore, only one possibility: must be placed in corona system first printing units of the division of units before. In such a corona handling units, must take electrode and pamphlets diaphragm clearances between increases to about 5 mm, and therefore need to increase the plasma power. According to the wide width and corona handling units can provide space, can be installed as many as three 15 kv electrode, each electrode has rated 3 kw or more power.

With all the discharge in power, even at the highest speed production also can get up to the required level of surface tension. Make it to the surface of the uniformity of the rough machining is a major factor, the diaphragm and single cylinder pressure seal the shapes and sizes of back pressure between rollers can all area contact. Don't for different diaphragm width to adjust the length of the electrodes. The dielectric produced in ozone will be directly pumping away.

Corona handling units lifted the restrictions of the printing business

Online corona processing system is the main advantages, printers in corona effect no longer forced to "expiry date" before the pretreatment of base material to light after. In fact, they even can according to need in the appropriate purchase untreated materials, and these natural materials after pretreatment than diaphragm cheap. Otherwise, they can also store different base material, so they could on the customers want to make flexible reaction and need not worry about the time long will lose printing eligibility.

Another point is that, in the factory the sheet on the diaphragm shall deal with corona the effect can be in its base and of separation and in the paper on the stage when the continuous transmission loss due to friction caused serious damage. Even if (with test that the ink) the measured value of the surface tension that still keep enough effect, it also doesn't mean it actually surface tension in through the printing unit would be kept.

In equipped with corona handling units printing machines of the printer to work still often test untreated base material of surface tension. After all they want to know to the highest possible production speed work need how old the plasma power. In addition, don't release unnecessary energy and produce the number of ozone in at least keep on profits and the environment will be beneficial.

Alternative methods

In the base material of processing factory is not always in corona discharge system for machining. But the alternative treatment method but don't have any cost advantage. For example, manufacturers KlocknerPentaplast diaphragm has created the so-called Dynox process, at least can be used to the rigid PVC diaphragm. This kind of treatment methods to improve the surface tension 45 baekho Newton/meters or more. Compared with corona processing, and the surface effect can be for more than a year, and not in the feida damage. Another method is the plasma processing. Here will use ion bombardment to achieve the required surface effect, and the effect of the stable time also longer than corona discharge. The third alternative method is by making a special diaphragm commercial the bottom of the coating, a kind of save corona effect of the so-called "gloss" on the material for trims. CibaPrimeIT technology is a similar method.


Often use plastic base material of printers can easily calculate purchase an online corona handling units and use cheaper untreated material is worthwhile. If, in addition, they do so, also can be sure that they must be able to generate the selected leaflet diaphragm of printing eligibility.

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