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Why print will never die
Why print will never die?

You may think that a printer will want to state this as obvious... so of course they will say it. But, printing and packaging powerhouse in the Western Cape, says that it just takes a look around to see that print is everywhere. It is going nowhere, not anytime in our lifetime anyway, or the next even.
That it is not a printer's strategy to prolong the industry's lifecycle by trying to convince the market that print is not dead. "Marketers are constantly seeking ways to talk to their audience, to draw them into the brand experience and to build brand loyalty. Digital communication is certainly far more cost effective and, rightfully, should be high on every marketer's agenda. The fact, though, is that consumers will continue to be drawn to printed material. It is all around them, all day, every day."
The way online and print interact is becoming a lot more sophisticated in the modern marketing era. Print now becomes a key driver of traffic to the web. When last did you see a magazine advert, billboard, poster or flyer without a web or email address on? Print and online marketing are now intricately interwoven in a complex communication strategy that draws the consumer into the overall brand journey that marketers want you to enjoy. 
He says, "With so many printing options available, consumers are able to almost go on a fantasy cruise from the time they look at an advert to opening the packaging and finally getting their hands on the product. The technological advances made in graphic design, print and the way a brand communicates with its audience is nothing short of a fantasy. Receiving a product is likened to our childhood when we received gifts. The thrill, and even the build-up to the thrill, is enough to allow our imagination to run away with us. That is what marketers are after, and print will never lose its place in that thrill." 
So how does print and online form a unique relationship. Ryan offers some ideas:
?Print platform. Nothing offers brand a platform to drive consumer behaviour like print does. In a market that is diverse and complex consumers remain drawn to that "pretty picture", which remains etched in their memory. Marketers can capture their audience and drive an action to push visits to their website, which will draw you to the next stage of the brand journey. Print complements your online presence. Be careful when avoiding print as part of your strategy. 
?Branding. Well, this is the buzzword, is it not? Branding. What makes a brand stand out more than that unbelievable advert or poster design, those vibrant colours and a logo, so well recognised, consumers are instinctively drawn to it like a magnet. Print is all engaging and again a key driver of your unique brand experience. It can differentiate your brand when consumers are exposed to a plethora of material in the market. 
?Print breaks the ice. A printed item is the introduction of your brand to a potential customer. That business card, brochure or any host of marketing material might just be what captivates the mind. How often have you been complemented on your "different" business card? Did you take advantage of the door being opened? In many cultures, the simple business card is a vital marketing tool. 
?Print has natural extensions. Again, the simple business card is a prime example of how print is effective. Have you ever given someone else's business to someone looking for that service? Brochures and flyers too. Magazines are read by thousands of people, sometimes. Take airline inflight magazines. In one month, how many people read that magazine. Still think print is dead? Even when digital becomes all consuming, there will be a few generations still grabbing for the in-flight mag. 
?Trendsetter. Magazines, posters and more influence consumer trends. Standing in front of a store, how many times have you based your purchasing decision on the clothes worn by the models in the poster? This gives marketers the edge in impulse buying and they understand the power of that poster. A picture of a delicious hamburger in a delicatessen gets those taste buds dancing, the condensation on the glass of an ice cold drink tantalizingly screams out to your thirst. All this from a poster? Yes. 
?Print brings business. As a lead generator, printed items can lead to business. A brochure may be passed from management to procurement to order an item, from manager to secretary to book a plane ticket or to book at that restaurant. Never underestimate the power of print!
Ryan remains convinced that print is very much alive and on a steep upward trend. "The one thing that is changing is the sophistication of design and application," he says. "As part of an overall marketing strategy, print is not only advised, it is critical to the success of all brands." 
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