What is PreflightingPDFsForPrint
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What is PreflightingPDFsForPrint

PreflightingPDFsForPrint borrowed from English Preflighting a word, it is to point to before the plane take off on the engineering work, to ensure the aircraft flight safety, no risk at all. 
Preflighting used in printing, it means in printing before the service work. 
Before the printing service to the whole printing process undoubtedly plays an important role.
Due to the printing constant use of the new technology, not only have a color desktop publishing system (DTP) and computer direct plate-making system (CTP), and various new process also continuously emerging.In a large number of new technology in front, many electronic publishing industry experts predict, and ultimately printer will only accept PDF files.Therefore, in the printing before the engineering work, and special emphasis on printing service before the PDF. However, according to the American printing technology foundation (GATF) and the Seybold magazine estimates, the United States at present prepares the printing all files, only 23% ~ 30% of the file using the Adobe PDF format.With the passage of time, this number is expected to rise.PDF file format is used in our country in recent years, things, and more for network transmission, mainly used for office file transmission, electronic books, etc., in the printing use PDF ratio is relatively less. 

Second, why want to use before printing engineering of PDF?

Due to PDF generator and receiver in printing production process and operation system platform independence, PDF file format can preserve the original file characters, fonts, format, the color and so on all information, and at the same time it USES the industry standard compression algorithm, make file capacity is small, easy to fast storage, transmission, with soft proofing function, it is easy to service, file browsing nor the operation system, network environment, application program version of the limitation of. Therefore, PDF file format will quickly applied to various fields. But in the printing industry, generating print of PDF there are still many imperfections in place, and receiver receive customer PDF sometimes also can produce error. The customer of PDF files the most common problem is the font is not embedded, resolution is too low, no bleeding and user use of color space right and so on. In order to guarantee before printing, printing process can be carried out smoothly, PDF as a kind of inherent file format, carries on the service is very necessary


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