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Water-based ink gravure printing processes

At present domestic plastic gravure ink solvent free ink to give priority to, mainly is chlorinated polypropylene printing ink. In toluene as solvent, accounting for almost 50% of the ingredients to gravure ink, high volatile dissolvent contains aromatics, toxic, flammable. Excessive amounts of benzene great harm to human body, and gravure high speed, must use volatile strong to meet the requirements of the ink printing, printing process in all gravure environmental problem particularly outstanding. Alcohol solution type plastic gravure ink have low to smell, do not contain benzene and other characteristics, can effectively reduce the residual solvents on the influence on the quality of food packaging, is now promotes gradually, but with the gravure machine with performance and printing quality still needs to be improved. And plastic film use water-based flexo ink only just beginning to put into use. It is by the water do made of environmental protection of liquid ink solvents. Has noncombustible, no explosion, non-toxic, no stimulation flavour, ink sex stability, bright color, high gloss, anti-corrosion, easy operation, printing plate after printing, lower cost, and good adhesion, water resistance, strong, dry quickly etc. Characteristics. Use water-based ink printing products completely non-toxic, production environment, environmental protection, the biggest characteristic is to reduce the organic volatile voc emissions in the atmosphere to. Water-based ink is at present various printing ink by the food in the only drug approved by the association of non-toxic printing ink.
Water-based ink because do not contain volatile organic solvent, and improved working conditions, eliminate the ink solvent the poisonous and harmful substances, eliminate the commodity packaging of pollution. It is mainly used for rotary gravure printing after edm processing PE, PP, PET, such as PVC film printing, milk bags, medicine profession the bags, candy bags, drink bag, toy bags etc packing printing products. To adapt to the printing speed 20-100 m/min.
According to some reports, and accreditation administration will take food packaging/vessels products delimit compulsory certification (hereinafter referred to as "3 C authentication") in the directory, and from the second quarter this year up executive, has started to accept the application of the enterprise. Begin from 2006, will enforce product certification control system (3 C authentication), must achieve compound food sack health standard. Only to 3 C authentication standard plastic food packaging products that can be listed. The standard for all of the food packaging enterprises, including plastic products, paper products, compound packing product, glass ceramics, etc. The standard production food packaging materials enterprise, from raw material purchase to the manufacturing process, to the production, the products of the human body with the use of safety and the safety of the environment after to waste, must carry out the mandatory standards. This is to the color printing packaging enterprise and ink production enterprise of the great challenge and great opportunities.
Ink painting application mainly with flexible printing and gravure printing primarily. Widely used in foreign countries of environmental protection sex ink painting, printing ink performance is good, mainly displays in: ink sex stability, high brightness, strong tinting, adhesion, high fastness drying speed can adapt to the needs of the printing speed, four color overprint and special color print all can. Water gravure inks used in paper wrapping paper, paper boxes of printing products have very extensive, this is due to evaporation dry and absorption paper dry good sake. Water-based ink used in gravure printing in China at present the development of soon, ink painting in flexo machine for the proportion of growing. But water gravure inks used in plastic film printing domestic is still at the beginning, this is mainly because in gravure printing water-based ink in the adhesion, printing speed, the luster is never reach the ink solvent because of the performance. And WE type gravure water-based ink make plastic film gravure printing in field of the new can achieve qualified standard product.

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