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Use of ink stick on the printer
Printer ink roller is divided into two kinds: uniform ink roller and ink roller. As the name implies, uniform ink roller transfer play a role is uniform ink, then string of ink roll? It besides also distributing effect, has the following four functions:
First, for the ink roller transfer to provide power, in all of the ink roller, ink roller only string, active roller is driven by gear, string of ink roller under the action of friction drive other rubber roller and the plate cylinder synchronous rotation, to ensure the rely on version of roller can be synchronized to transfer ink to the printing plate;
Second, turn better uniform ink, ink roller rotates, the circumferential rotation only, while the existence of string of ink roller, can not only provide the circumferential movement of power, and because of its axial movement, so again in axial string uniform ink;
Third, the adjustment of the ink quantity, because the plate layout graphic size cannot be all the same, may bite big or small, and the ink roller ink needs to be adjusted according to the layout situation, is by adjusting the string of ink roller relative to the starting position to implement;
Fourth, mitigating the effects of ghost, ghost is what? When the text and field part just in the inking roller diameter range, there is likely after the printing process, the effect of a shallow light imprinting in part on the ground, is printing often say ghost, ghost elimination method consists of several, and increase the momentum on the ink roller chain, its axial moving distance, is one of effective methods;
Printing machine mechanical parts of the existence of every part has its one or more action, only in our work constantly to grope summary, can be more familiar with and understand, also can flexible adjustment, make ideal products, create greater value for the enterprise. (Gold Printing Group)
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