The world's first 3 d printing building in the Netherlands
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The world's first 3 d printing building in the Netherlands
From food to medical devices, from toys to guns, the application of 3 d printing technology is becoming more and more widely.A Dutch construction enterprise construction, introduced the technology, to print a building.
Is this will be the first in the world composed of 3 d printing in the building.In accordance with the builders D U S architect's plan, the building is located along the northern canal river in Amsterdam, the Dutch traditional triangle wall design, with a total of 13 rooms.The building, with the main structure of concrete, the other parts are made of the 3 d printer.
The industrial 3 d printer named building, according to the computer design spewed molten plastic wire, line thickness is about 10 times of the standard 3 d printing line, can print 2 meters long, wide, 2 meters high, 3.5 meters of fabrication.Pieces of similar casting up like lego blocks, from a building.Casting a honeycomb, leave room for all kinds of cables and pipes.
In accordance with the planning, building 13 rooms will adopt the scene design, style each different, printed after the completion of the assembly again, so that security experts detection.
Building has began a month ago, already printed a piece of corner part of 3 meters high, weight 180 kilograms.The building is a kind of display and research, is an example of 3 d printing architecture, science, architecture and design is a fusion.
3 d printing building advantage more.First, computer design and printing structure means the architect to build a complete structure and aesthetics of architecture.
In addition, plastic is used in the printing of renewable and sustainable, and feels comfortable, strong and beautiful material, conform to the requirements of the modern building technology.
The researchers are testing different samples at present, and hope to find the perfect recipe.Finally formula will contain nearly 80% of the natural material - by micro fiber bioplastics and vegetable oil.D U S architects said: "we are still in perfect technology. We will continue over the next three years to test, because technology in progress, this is an experiment."
At present, the honeycomb sample casting internal filling concrete, make the whole structure is difficult to recycle, sustainability.
If the building built successful, and technology more hasten is perfect, the architects hope that 3 d printing can create a new era of the construction industry.This technology could save the cost of shipping and waste of raw materials, and finished building easy to dismantle, modified, or full recovery.
It can change in the way for cities to build.This is just the beginning, there are endless possibilities, from print refugee camps and a bunk in the affected areas, to high-end hotel rooms, can realize personal custom, with marble powder printing.
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