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The United States commercial printing shipments fell in October
For the past several decades in terms of the American commercial printing October shipments data, not of rising stage, is greatly increased.But in October 2013 in the United States commercial printing shipments data gave a blow ", "according to the latest statistics show that American business printing shipments fell $519 million in October, fell 7.1%.Stripping out inflation, fell $590 million, fell eight percent.In 2012, down 3.5% year on year in October data.Since July, the United States commercial printing shipments in August and September fell 5.4% and 5.4% respectively, the trend seems to be more and more nervous.
It is reported that us retailers and other operators have taste through digital media to reduce the enterprise cost and developing new opportunities of "sweet".Despite the relative gains digital media now printed matter is low, but "teach" on the total cost.
American business printing shipments statistics since 1992, the current exchange rate in the United States, in October 2013 shipments is by far the worst month.Historically, U.S. commercial printing shipments in October 1995 when the reach the peak, stripping out inflation, to $13.3 billion.In October 2013 for $2013, shrinking by almost 50%.
The U.S. department of commerce has published many statistics about printing performance is good, believe this printing industry in the United States also.The changes of the printing industry and shocks into the "fast track", profitable printing companies through new products win the market.Some printing enterprises through the purchase of books to increase sales, some printing enterprise choose spell "bite" price competition.According to related survey, the United States many areas of the printing enterprises have begun to choose new investment plans, the mystery is self-evident.
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