The RPI print-on-demand manufacturer won the SGP green certification
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The RPI print-on-demand manufacturer won the SGP green certification
America's leading brands manufacturers RPI personalized photo book, has passed the sustainable development of green printing cooperation (the SGP) certification of the organization.Except the books, the SGP in Seattle, Washington, in the factory for the mass production and professional retailers personalized on-demand custom greeting CARDS, writing paper.
RPI has the world's largest HP Indigo digital printing equipment, has been listed on the fastest growth of 5000 companies listed five years on the list.
RPI chief executive rick Craig Bellamy said the SGP provides image communications with only the entire facility certification plan and well beyond the simple material recycling and using the concept of green products.We are extremely concerned about the sustainable development of customers, just like us.We listen to their views, then put a lot of energy into our certification program.In green management, sustainable way to maintain our the SGP certification will be an ongoing priority.
Sustainable development of green printing cooperation organization executive director Martin padilla said: "the RPI leadership reflects on the development of digital printing as well as the best example, guided by sustainable development they guarantee in current and future to be a leader in sustainable development of the printing industry. The SGP feel proud for the RPI's achievements, we are looking forward to their printing vendors to continue its leadership as the SGP certification."

About the SGP certification
The abbreviation of the SGP is Sustainable Green Printing, means the Sustainable Green Printing.The SGP Partnership is an independent non-profit organization cooperation, for printing imaging provides certification services for the sustainable development of green industry.The SGP Partnership, established in 2008, by some of the best industry groups such as printing industry association (PIA), professional image association (SGIA), flexo printing technology association (FTA), and the national association of printing ink manufacturers NAPIM) launched operation.Before the SGP cooperation organization was founded, what is the sustainable green printing, printing products, such as how to define the concept of green are rather vague.
The SGP set the benchmark for the sustainable development of the printing enterprise, and pointed out the direction of the efforts.Its evaluation standard covers the each link, respectively for printing the product itself, the use of raw materials (substrates, printing ink, coating materials, etc.), production, printing and post-press equipment, packaging equipment, factory environment, energy consumption, employee situation, all kinds of supporting activities and so on.
The SGP cooperation organization's mission is to encourage environmental sustainability and green printing, promotion that will be printed on a global scale to minimise the environmental impact of the methods and processes.It for printing enterprise sustainable continuous improvement to guide, to the manufacturing enterprise to promote various operation of the "best" means, for those who accord with standard of the sustainable development of enterprises to issue the SGP certification report.
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